The Wedding Proposal

Every woman dreams of that special moment where her man gets down on one knee. But as we grow up, we tend to wish for something a bit more creative, something unique to share with friends and family and remember for a lifetime. We've found a few ideas for that big moment. So we encourage you to leave it open on your laptop or email him this link to read (hint, hint)!

Idea 1:Tie your proposal into a holiday

Valentine's Day may be too expected or too easy, but oozes romance? Easter proposals could include a special Easter egg hunt that she'll never forget - all leading up to the last "big egg" - her ring. Did you meet in a bar? Are you Irish? Drop the ring into the bottom of a stein of green beer for St Patrick's Day. Do you get dressed up at Halloween? Give her a treat she'll never forget! An unexpected holiday gift (on a date that doesn't traditionally involve a gift exchange) can be a sweet surprise! If you go to and search for "Special Holidays" it will give you more than you want, but you can easily find all the "special days" for each month of the year. (Daffy Duck's birthday is April 17 - there are numerous cartoon and Disney characters that she might have attachment too!)

Idea 2: Make your own holiday
Any woman would LOVE to be swept off her feet and taken to a romantic destination. Relax and enjoy for a few days, then a day or so before you leave plan an excursion and pop the question on location - and you still have time to celebrate!

Idea 3: Creative note
Spell out the big question somewhere she would never expect it: on the bathroom mirror when she gets ready for a night out together; glow in the dark stars on the bedroom ceiling; take one of her favorite weekly magazines and slip in a fake page for your proposal. Even plan ahead with an art gallery to place a special work of art into a room for her to see - the question becomes a keepsake. If you're good with prose, write it in poetry and wrap it with her favorite bouquet of flowers. (Kite Day is May 12. Go fly a kite together and pack a romantic picnic)

Idea 4: Take a trip down memory lane
Take your significant other to the place where you met, had your first date, kiss, or another location that has special meaning to you as a couple and recreate that first moment. Express your feelings from start to finish and take your courtship full circle.

Idea 5: Surprise her
Though it may seem spur-of-the-moment, pick a spot where you can completely catch her off guard. Maybe in a photo booth so you have pictures of her response, as an announcement in a public place (billboards, sporting events), or slip it in the advertisements before a movie you are seeing (tricky, but not impossible).

Spy Cameras
No matter where you ask, think about asking someone to capture it on film (would she love that? then do it!) Videography companies now offer proposal packages that allow you to capture the moment, her reaction and answer on camera. They will hide out, blend in and not be seen by your bride-to-be until the moment has past and you've got a keepsake to keep for a lifetime.

No matter what you do, be creative and make sure it's right for her! If she's shy, don't make a big scene at a ballpark; if she's the outdoors type, consider an adventure; if she's a Disney fan, take her to where her fairytale can unfold. Think of your soon-to-be fiancà © when planning and the answer will surely be "yes!"