After the Reception - The "After Party!"

Couples engaged to be married often spend a year's worth of planning for their special day, which often passes in a blink of a lovestruck eye. It's no wonder more of them are extending the festivities to after parties. These post-nuptial shindigs are about ditching the formal wear, letting the hip DJ spin some loud grooves and perhaps scarfing down taco-truck grub with some of the couple's closest friends.

Etiquette rules for these events are still in the works. Invitations aren't necessary; couples can post party details on their blogs, Facebook, or even send an e-mail about the after-hours affair. Count on older wedding guests, such as parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents, bowing out of the evening after the wedding. It's the younger folk who are ready to rock when the hotel ballroom closes up at 11 p.m.

Venues for the after-parties vary from hanging out at the hotel suite to moving the celebration to the hotel bar to even going to a private residence. Food is essential to the late-night gathering to appease partygoers stricken with the munchies post-reception. Other touches may include cigars and whiskey, mojito bars orthemedecor.

If couples stick to tradition, most likely they'll pay for the event. If the party shifts to a neighborhood bar, then guests may chip in for drinks and snacks. How elaborate or laid-back of an evening will determine the price.

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