Father of the bride toast

The "Father of the bride" wedding toast is an important part of the wedding festivities. The day a man walks his daughter down the aisle is a huge day in his life. He is in essence placing his daughter into the care of another man to care for her, protect her and make her happy. After walking her down the aisle he still has a couple duties; the father daughter dance and the father of the bride wedding toast.

Typically the best man gives his speech followed by the maid of honor. Then it goes to the father of the bride to make the final comments of the night before the rest of the festivities begin. This can be a simple "raise your glasses" or a story about watching his little girl grow so quickly and meet the man of her dreams.

Here are some tips for the father of the bride (we know he may not see this post, but one can always print it out and put by his morning coffee):

  1. Speak to the guests.Thank all the guests for coming to share this special day with you and your family. Make them feel welcome and part of your family (for those who aren't already).
  2. Address your daughter and new son-in-law.Be courteous to your son-in-law whether you like him or not. You can make a comment about how he better take care of her, but let it be light-hearted and in good spirits. Then have a moment with your daughter where you wish her the best, say you are so happy for or just express your utmost love for her.
  3. Tell a story.Give the guests a little sample of how wonderful your daughter is. Tell a quick story about her, when she was little or just about her growing up through the years. It will be touching for everyone who knows her well and give some insight to those just getting to know her. Plus, it's always sweet when a dad gets sappy.
  4. Speak from your heart, always the best recipe for father of the bride wedding toasts.Just let your heart speak and you'll be fine. The only restriction with this is; don't let anything negative slip out. If you don't like the groom, just avoid the topic of him altogether.

Above all, keep things joyful and positive. Good luck and silently toast yourself for a job well done!

Photograph courtesy ofAndrea Polito Photography.