Hosting Your Wedding Reception Under A Tent?

Although hosting a tented reception comes with a unique set of concerns, it is not an overly difficult undertaking. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, tents furnish a chic space that is cost-effective and often blends seamlessly with existing architecture. Adding to the allure, tents offer a choice of vinyl fabrics - from total block-out, to peek-a-boo translucent. You can simplify your party planning by ordering wedding and reception tent packages. Most vendors include the installation fee with the total price, and you get the tent of your choice plus tables, chairs, and coordinated linens.

One important thing to consider is how to maintain theright temperature.Unlike an ordinary building, tents do notcomecomplete with air conditioning and heating. If you're hosting your wedding during the hot summer months or in the wintry cold, you'll need your tent vendor to bring in the right equipment to keep your guests comfortable.

Here are some equipment options to factor in if you think temperature will affect your tent reception.

  • Portable air-conditioning units
  • Outdoor heaters
  • Tall patio heaters with propane
  • Floor heaters with propane
  • Portable battery operated misters
  • Misting fans
  • Portable swamp coolers

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