The Candy Bar - Not Your Traditional Cake

A candy bar, buffet style at a wedding reception is a sure hit and can be a great conversation piece. Plus it's fun for the guests to pick and choose their favorite sweets.

Color and Size of the Candy Bar Matters
Before you start to purchase the candy, its best to plan the color theme and decide on the amount of candy you will need. I believe cost is just as important as the overall look of the candy buffet. For an inviting and grand look, having a monochromatic theme works best for a candy bar. Many bulk suppliers will let you purchase wholesale orders of things like jelly beans - all in one color. One of our favorite candies, M&Ms can bepersonalized with photos or words (and right now there's a promotion going on for a free bag!).

Next, decide on the amount of candy you will need. You do not want to be left with pounds of candy and unnecessary expenses especially when planning a wedding. Figure 5 to 8 ounces per guest. However, this is not a set rule. The amount needed will depend on the type of guests who will be attending your event - kids vs. adults. Something else to consider is if additional desserts will be served. Serving too many sweets throughout the event will be an over kill.

Buying Candy in Bulk
The candy of course is the most expensive aspect for the candy buffet but there are ways to control costs as well. The best option for purchasing candy is buying in bulk. There are plenty of online candy stores that sell at wholesale pricing. Also keep an eye out for sales during holiday seasons such as Halloween, Easter, or Christmas. If your color theme is red, check your local grocery stores or Walgreens right after Christmas. Easter is also a perfect time to get pastel colored candy for very cheap. The most popular candy for a candy table is jelly beans, candy canes, lollipops, Hershey Kisses and M&M's. All of these can be found in many different colors.