Must I Wear a White Wedding Dress?

Do not feel obligated to wear a white wedding dress, if you don't want to. It is not a wedding requirement and many modern brides are choosing wedding gowns in a variety of colors from off white to royal purple and crimson red. It is true that for more than 100 years, brides have been wearing white flowing gowns on their wedding day, and it would seem that it is the traditional attire. After all, walk into any bridal boutique in North America, and you will immediately be inundated with wedding dress choices, all in white. However, take a moment to ask the bridal consultant and you may be surprised to learn that most dress styles can be special ordered in colors other than white.

White wedding dresses, long associated with virginal purity could be considered, by some brides, as overrated and outdated. In fact, there are a higher number of second marriages now than ever before. If you want to wear a wedding gown that is mint green, peachy orange, iced lilac, red velvet, or buttercup yellow, go for it! And it may be as simple as a touch of color amidst the white. It is your special day, and you should feel comfortable wearing whatever wedding dress best suits your personality, and a gown you will look back on fondly.

Gown from Neiman Marcus