Chicago Wedding Reception Ideas

  • Stylish Seating - Banqueting chairs are so last year! Choose funky clear Perspex versions instead which are available to hire.
  • Confetti - Pastel colored paper confetti may look pretty but this year it is considered a bit too old fashioned! Add some real impact with sparklers for a winter wedding, balloon releases for a summer wedding or how about launching a flurry of color with confetti cannon!
  • Adults only - A good party does not need a roomful of over tired kids! This year opt for a no-kids rule so that the adults can get on with the serious business of partying! If you can't bring yourself to ban kids altogether then have a curfew for little ones or hire in some professional babysitters who can take care of them in a neighboring room.
  • Retro Food - This year has already seen a huge trend towards retro dishes. Consider serving up mini avocados filled with prawn cocktail and bite sized steak and beer pies.
  • Bring on the Bling - Add some instant glamour with crystal chandeliers and candelabras.
  • Modern Magic - For some sophisticated entertainment hire a magician who can wonder around your tables and and impress your guests with some sleight of hand card tricks.
  • Purple Haze - Many brides will opt for the traditional colors of pink and red when it comes to their wedding flowers. But for this year why not be bold and choose timeless purple instead? It looks amazing when used en masse and is becoming a popular choice for weddings.
  • Asian Inspired Canapes - These are the most exciting choice for canapà ©s at the moment.
  • Entirely Ethical - There has been an increase in demand for organic food over the last year or so as many couples look to a more environmentally friendly wedding.
  • Table for Two - If your seating plan is giving you sleepless nights then avoid the drama and sit a deux with your beloved for the wedding. Sweetheart tables are a big trend at the moment, not only are they romantic but perfect for dealing with any family politics!
  • Clever Lighting - Light your reception in a way they would never expect. Light your tables from underneath to create a lovely atmospheric effect.
  • Ipod DJ - If you are concerned about the same old wedding songs then get your wedding soundtrack personally tailored to your tastes by programming your Ipod. This could also be a savings worth researching.
  • Table Games - Take inspiration from Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and set your guests up with a range of table games to play such as dominoes or checkers. They are a real ice breaker and will keep your guests amused when there is a lull in proceedings.

Photo 1 and 2 from Hello Darling, Chicago, Courtesy ofArtisan Events, Inc.

Photo 3 fromKeith J. Laverty, Dallas,