Including Family Heirlooms in Your Wedding

Weddings are very sentimental for most women, and they are full of tradition. A wonderful way to make your wedding even more meaningful is to include family heirlooms. These unique pieces handed down through your family provide a special connection to your family heritage.

Even the most modern bride can find a way to include a family heirloom in her wedding. The item can be almost anything, from pearl bridal jewelry, to a lace handkerchief, to a pair of toasting glasses. Often the item is something that your parents or grandparents used in their wedding, but it does not have to be.

Mixing the old and the new is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. For instance, perhaps you would like to wear your grandmother's strand of pearls on your wedding day - update them by combining the classic style with modern crystal and pearl bridal jewelry, such as a fabulous pair of drop earrings. Often brides who wear their mother's wedding gown will do something similar, such as having the vintage dress recut to a more modern silhouette.

A very special thing that the bride or groom can do is to present a family heirloom to their future spouse as a wedding gift. The bride could give her husband-to-be her father's silver pocketwatch, or the groom could make a gift of a piece of family jewelry. It is a wonderful way to show loved one that you are happy to have him or her as part of your family.

Your ceremony is the perfect place to feature a special family momento. Some brides are fortunate enough to have an antique silver bouquet holder. Others will have a personal item, such as a grandparent's rosary interwoven with the flowers of the bride's bouquet. Cherished family candleholders would be a wonderful touch for the unity candle.

Use your imagination when seeking family heirlooms to use in your wedding. They do not even have to be objects; anything that reminds you of your family could work. What about using your grandmother's favorite recipe or dancing to your parents' wedding song? Be creative in your choices. Including special family traditions in your wedding will make it even more beautiful and memorable.