Engagement Pictures - Tips from a photographer

As a follow-up to our recent post on "New Trends in Wedding Photography," Dallas Wedding Photographer, Celina Gomez of Captivating Simplicity Photography offers this advice on Engagement pictures.

What location is best for engagement pictures?
First you have to decide if there is specific "look" you want your engagement pictures to have. Are you a nature person or do you prefer architecture and city streets? Where did you first meet? Your first date? Your first kiss? Where did your fiancà © propose? Think of a location that is special to you as a couple. Think of hobbies that you and your fiancà © enjoy doing together. Places that are significant to you as a couple will be the best place for your engagement photos.

What to wear?
I suggest bringing two outfits, a dressy outfit and a more relaxed outfit that reflect your own personal style. Wear something that you would normally wear so that you don't feel uncomfortable or out of place. Colorful clothes always look best in photos, and it's not necessary for the couple to "match" as long as the color schemes don't clash. Avoid wearing all white or all black. Where we take your photos may require walking so bring a pair of comfortable shoes to wear.

Your photographer should guide you into certain poses, but mostly this should reflect you as a couple. If the photographer asks you to cuddle up next to your honey there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do this so cuddle up next to him/her just like you would if you were in the comfort of your own home. Try to slip into your own world and act as if you and your fiancà © were just enjoying an afternoon by yourselves. Talk, walk, laugh, snuggle, lay down in the grass, whatever you feel like doing with your significant other all while your photographer snaps away and records the interaction between you and your fiancà ©. This makes for photographs that look more natural and reflect the personalities of each couple in a unique way. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to show how much you love each other.

Note: It's best to book your photographer 8-12 months in advance to make sure that you get the photographer that you want for your special day.

Meet Bianca and Adam. They have been dating a little over 2 years. They spotted each other at a local Sushi Restaurant and began dating shortly after they met, and the rest as they say is history. Their photo session was shot at the Shops Legacy where the couple resides. Bianca and Adam are so in love and they weren't afraid to show it. They slipped into their own world and just had fun with it, and because they were so comfortable we got amazing results.

Celina Gomez