Rock-n-Roll Bride

Ever since I first come across this boutique designer I fell in love with her romantic and timeless approach to bridal couture. Los Angeles Designer,Claire Pettibone Couture says "When I create a dress, it's all about the fabric and the woman, and how these elements are combined to enhance each other". This is so visible in her ability to design dream like gowns that harmoniously represent the pure essence of a Bride in love.

As much as I adore her ongoing range I am loving the 2009 collection. But what is a 'Rock n Roll Bride'? I can liken it to that tiny tattoo of a butterfly you had done when you were 17 on the inside of your ankle- You could have gone with a grotesque dragon across your shoulder blade and down one side of your arm but rather, you chose a more subtle approach. Call me a rebel but it's that ongoing battle of Good vs Bad- Mozart vs Death Metal- Steamed Vegetables and water vs Pizza and beer.

OK, so maybe I went a little off track there- Regardless of how you see them this collection focuses on Divine figure hugging pieces making best use of soft fabrics which creative movement and shape. Think Silk charmeuse, Cotton crochet lace, French cotton voile, Velvet and Tulle, combine them with some delicate styling and a tiny tattoo of a butterfly on your ankle and your dream gown awaits!