Featured Wedding - Marriage at Midnight - StrictlyWeddings.com

Couple: Jacqueline Morginstin & Joshua Wachtel
Date of Wedding: 12.31.09
Venue: Hilton Towers, Grand Ballroom
DÃ ©cor:
Kehoe Designs
Photographer: Ryan Sjostrom (dà ©cor shots) and R&R creative images (people shots)

This fairytale romance began when Jacqueline Morginstin was introduced to Joshua Wachtel at her roommates' engagement party! Joshua swept her off her feet and a year and a half later he proposed to her by decorating The Morginstin families' front yard with an enormous sign that read, "Jackie I love you, will you marry me?" When Jacqueline arrived to the home she jumped out of the car screaming with excitement- All the neighbors came out of their homes to see what was going on and it turned into a block party!

Then the celebration really began at their 2010 New Years Eve wedding!(Enjoy the photos, then read the rest of the story about this dazzling wedding)

Love and glamour surrounded the couple at their dazzling wedding in the Grand Ballroom of the Chicago Hilton Towers. An enchanted Cinderella style three-tiered chuppah covered in white roses welcomed the blushing bride! Jacqueline and Joshua were wed to one another in front of 425 of their closest friends and family. "I could not have been happier with the overall outcome of the wedding and reception, it was honestly perfection. Walking into the ceremony, without even a glimpse of it in advance. It was like stepping into heaven," glowed Caryn Morginstin, mother of the bride.

The couple and guests celebrated the beginning of a new year and a new life together! The romantic ballroom was complimented with gold and bronze dà ©cor, rich chocolate and cream fabric treatments and white floral provided by Kehoe Designs. Each table was accented with one of five unique grandiose centerpieces, adding drama and height variation to the room; consisting of draping crystals, water fountains, cascading white phaleonopsis orchids, hydrangea and lilies. "Working with Tom Kehoe and his team was such an honor, I hope everyone is so lucky. The way Tom matched the linens, from BBJ, to the centerpieces and the plates was just beautiful," said Caryn. Their enormous white wedding cake was covered in hundreds of flowing white roses, standing out against the dark passionate room. And when the clock struck midnight, loads of balloons were released from above with excitement!

"The wedding was the talk of the city, USA, and most of Europe. The Spielberg's were there, the head of Luxe hotels around the country. They've seen it all, but they said never anything quite like this. We will never forget it. Tom knocked the socks off of everyone, and left them speechless. Saturday night was just the icing on the cake. Totally unexpected and wonderful (as always)," said Caryn. "We chose Kehoe Designs because there is no one better in the industry. Kehoe Designs is simply the best! No one executes a party like Tom Kehoe. Just walking into his showroom you are already wrapped in the feeling of excitement, everything is just beyond exquisite. When we had our showing it just took my breath away."