Wedding Makeup: How To Find Your Personal Style

As a professional makeup artist, I find most brides want to hire a professional on their wedding day to help them look as beautiful as the day! We'll give the bride makeup that will last and look great for all the formal (and informal) photos.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you wear strong lips, don't wear too much cheek color
  • If you wear a lot of color on the eyes then keep the lip color soft.

When it comes to color for the eyes think contrasting complimentary colors.

  • If your eyes are hazel or green, shades of purple will make them pop.
  • If they are blue you might actually try a soft lavender or even a deep blue liner set with a blue shadow.
  • If you have dark brown eyes go then you can go with what moves you and flatters your skin tone.
  • If the natural look is more you, try browns, taupes, gray tones and shades of ivory, beige and peach on the eyes as seen on the models for Chanel's 2010 spring collection. Even a soft brick or burgundy can look like a neutral if well blended and complimentary to the eye color.
  • For lip color a good rule of thumb is if you have a pale or fair complexion stick with lighter pink or peach tones for lips and if your skin has more pigment you can use bolder, warmer tones.

I only recommend very strong lip colors for the wedding day if that is YOU. Otherwise, think first kiss, eating cake, champagne toasts; softer lip color will be less maintenance, plus the nude lip is still fashionable.

Of course, if you don't want to worry about colors and fuss and what will work best, then hire a professional makeup artist who will take the worry away!

Source: Penny Sadler Makeup Studio