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This is actually a fun "Harry met Sally" story -

Kevin and I walked the halls of Deerfield Highschool together 1994-1996, but because I was a senior and he a sophomore, we never met.

Although he says he recalls a glimpse of me walking down G-Hall, the only thing I recall is hearing his name when my soccer coach bragged about his star players on the boys soccer team. Years later, much after college, we shared a cab together from the infamous late night bar, Burton Place, which only resulted in a short conversation and a 5 minute drive, dropped off outside my house with a simple thank you and a wave goodbye and without a single thought that this man I shared a cab with would one day be my husband.

Finally, about 2 years later, at a mutual friends going away party, we met again, and shared our first kiss that night. (I kissed him - I had to see if he was a good kisser!). We have been together ever since- HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

NEW YEARS EVE: December 31, 2009
VENUE: Salvage One
WEDDING PLANNER: Ryan Alexander Events
WEDDING INVITATIONS AND PAPER: U stationery Custom Boutique
FLOWERS: Jim McGuire with Bunches
FOOD: The Hearty Boys
BAND: Nicholas Barron
PHOTO:Jai Girard Photography
VIDEO: Jai Girard Photography