Featured Weddings - Jeff & Michele - The "Door Lady" Plays Cupid

This love story started when Michele asked the door lady at the downtown Chicago building in which Jeff and Michele both lived, one simple question- "Who's that cute guy?" After answering, the door lady approached Jeff one day while he was enjoying the building's fabulous rooftop deck. She told him there was a girl in the building who had asked about him. He thought that was pretty cool and asked for the secret admirer's phone number. He called Michele the very next day. Their first telephone conversation lasted four hours (Michele was out of town when she received the call) and they met in person a few days later. And the rest, as they say, is history-

Fast forward 2 years. On a relatively boring Monday in late April, Michele was on a call with her favorite client. After she hung up the phone, she turned her chair around only to see Jeff standing by her desk. She thought this was strange, but Jeff quickly explained that a mutual friend had let him into the building to hand out passes for a special promotion being held at the restaurant Jeff manages. Michele said, "Okay," grabbed the passes and began to walk Jeff toward the door. As he was being hurried out, Jeff asked Michele to slow down, pulled her off to the side and out of the office walkway. It was there that he got down on one knee and revealed the ring that he had on his pinkie finger. After asking Jeff several times if he was crazy, Michele promptly accepted the proposal. Jeff gave an overhead thumbs-up and Michele's coworkers (who had been peaking over the cubicle walls) began to cheer.

Michele had a pretty clear idea of how she wanted the wedding to look. It was very much a celebration, and the color scheme of the wedding should reflect that. "We chose Kehoe Designs because the design they offered us literally took our breath away. My bridesmaid Claire and I went to see what Pavel Juricek from Kehoe had designed and we were literally speechless. The design was far superior to anything else we had seen. The designers took what we described and made it even better," said bride Michele.

"Two centerpiece designs were created for the dinner tables, consisting of a lifted arrangement featuring a lively display of floralalternating witha low collection featuring coordinating floral in multiple vases. Much like the hotel itself (Chicago's The Blackstone), each centerpiece design was eclectic, contemporary and very uniquehosting awidearray of colors and textures," said Lauren Peterson, Event Producer.

"The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Everything looked amazing and the guests couldn't stop talking about the flowers and how beautiful the room looked. Michele and I said that it exceeded our expectations," said Anna Silverman, mother of the bride.

"I would not have changed a thing about our wedding. I was so happy, it was so beautiful and meaningful in all the right ways. It was emotionally and aesthetically the wedding of our dreams. The best part about our wedding day was being surrounded by everyone we love and really celebrating. It was everything we wanted it to be and more," said Michele.

Couple: Michele Silverman & Jeff Schramm
Date of Wedding: 5.8.10
Venue: Blackstone Hotel
Floral & DÃ ©cor: Kehoe Designs, Event Producer: Lauren Peterson
Photographer: Jai Girard