Cathy Waterman - Magical Engagement Rings

Cathy Waterman works in a sun-splashed studio within sight of the Pacific Ocean, a must she says, for the sight and sound and scent of the sea is a tonic for her inner peace. Ivy and bougainvillea cling to every outside wall and roses from her garden fill the air with their fragrance. Cathy was born in Hollywood, rode horses and danced ballet. She studied Byzantine and Early Church history in college and became a lawyer and developed film projects and designed clothing and had a family.

It was in 1990 that she began translating her love of exotic stories into 22k golden jeweled treasures inspired by ancient and medieval history. She followed that first collection with her uniquely identifiable Color of Dreams collection of interlocking platinum and diamond leaves, multi-colored webs and vines like lace, colorful tassel earrings and richly hued beaded bracelets enrobed in platinum and diamonds.

She's passionate about her work and a perfectionist, too, seeking to create jewelry with the attention to detail of the old world masters with a modern aesthetic. Below are just a few of the exquisite engagement rings in her collection. Visit her site for more.