The Adolphus Hotel Bridal Shoot: The epitome of luxury

We loved the beauty of this photo shoot. The Adolphus in Dallas is a luxury hotel rich in this city's history and a fitting backdrop to the bride's dramatic looks and wedding gown. So we asked the photographer to write up a little something to set the tone -

"Autumn's mother placed an image in front of me, ⠀ 'this is the dress.' I almost drooled. It was the kind of dress that you could build a whole wedding around. A lovely St. Pucci, it was nothing short of stunning. ⠀ 'We are having the wedding at the Adolphus,' she continued. My eyes lit up further. ⠀ 'And we'd like to do the bridals there,' she concluded. I almost whimpered.

The dress, the location. They were perfect for each other. And they gave me free reign with both. The bouquet and dog collars were designed by Something Special Designs by Cyndy, and perfectly matched Autumn's sense of poise and style. The colors perfectly echoed the stylish hues of the Adolphus' lobby and exquisite detail in the French Room. Autumn stunned and wowed every person in the lobby that day. The dress, the location, the details, all perfectly suited to her!

Photos courtesy of lynn michelle photography - 972.824.5519