Tips for wedding bouquets

Your dress really sets the tone of your wedding and the type of bridal bouquet you want to carry.

  • If your wedding dress is modern you might want to go with a bouquet made of all calla lilies.
  • If your dress is a bit more flowy and short you might want a garden bouquet with lots of texture and vines hanging.
  • If your dress is simple you might want a tight compact bouquet with lots of textural interest.
  • If your dress is dramatic a long cascade might work.

Trust your professional and work with them.

When choosing the size of your bridal bouquet, think of a saucer, a dessert plate and a dinner plate. Each of these items can help you think about the size that you would like. When we speak with a bride, we always suggest going with a size that complements her frame, and most brides agree. Some of our brides do request an extra-large bouquet for added drama.

Resource: Beautiful Blooms in Philadelphia.