Bridal tip: Having the reception at your home

  • Always make sure there is plenty of room for the number of guests attending the wedding.
  • Be careful that the overall aesthetic of the home does not interfere with the color palette and style of your wedding dà ©cor. You may want to think about choosing colors that will work with the existing hues or find a space in the home that offers a clean slate for any palette.
  • Check in with the city to get info on traffic regulations or permits regarding parking, and if hiring a valet company, confirm that they have somewhere to park all the cars.
  • Design a detailed floor plan for your wedding vendors to ensure they'll have room to get their job done.
  • When designing your menu, ask the catering company if they will need access to any stoves or ovens, or if they will be bringing their own heating devices.
  • If the event is scheduled to be outdoors, have a back up plan in case it rains. Using tents can require a permit so ensure you have the proper one(s) in place.
  • Let your neighbors know as a courtesy since you'll be taking up street space for hours.
  • Budget for a service to clean your house before and after your reception; it's a lot less stressful on everyone!

Source: Jordan Payne Events