This garden party was a pre-party to the wedding celebration. The couple is very organic, outdoorsy, and environmentally friendly and they wanted the event to reflect that.

The groom's parents have a huge rolling lawn that backs up onto a private lake, which was the perfect backdrop to this evening. The color palette was green, khaki and ivory which are very earthy tones, and they were used in the vignettes of coffee tables, sofas, and wooden elements. Amazing appetizers from Tres LA were passed around during the cocktail hour, and the groom is a big cigar fan so we created a separate cigar and cognac lounge that guests could hang out in towards the end of the night.

There were food stations in hand-made cabanas draped with moss and burlap and the lighting was perfect with big globes hanging from the trees. The flowers were mostly succulents placed in various pieces of drift wood and birch, and the gift giveaways were pine tree saplings wrapped in burlap that could be taken home and planted in each guest's garden.

Source:, Floral design and decor by Exquisite Events, Images by John Solano Photography