A Splash of Red can be stunning with your wedding gown. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so we needed a little red for our brides. Austin, Texas photographer, Jennifer Lindberg, shared this "red wedding" with us to help us celebrate V-Day.

And this from our bride, Molly: "I didn't even have to think twice about my wedding color. Red is one of my favorite colors because it is bold, classy and romantic. I knew that I wanted an outdoor and natural setting, and I thought that the red would look stunning against the greenery. The other colors, such as purple were chosen to compliment the red.

For the bridesmaid dresses, I got the idea for the red color from the T.V. show, the O.C. It had one of the prettiest weddings I have ever seen, and was memorable to me. The red against the green backdrop was awesome. It was hard to find bridesmaid dresses in a true red, but I got lucky and BCBG had them that season!"