10 Tips When Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

Any of our amazing StrictlyWeddings.com wedding planners can be a wealth of guidance and insight if you're planning a Garden Wedding, not to mention our other partners under Floral and Event Design. Yet, here are a few simple ideas to get you thinking. Our thanks to our friend and Dallas Photographer Scott Hagar for the use of his gorgeous photos. Also, Dallas photographer and partner, Thisbe Grace.

Above and Below Photos by Scott Hagar

Budget - Just because it's outdoors or you've selected a public venue does not mean that you've saved a lot of your budget. Building an outdoor experience can be a costly endeavor.

Weather - Always, always have a contigency plan in case of bad weather. (Think about last summer's Texas heat wave that lasted for 3 months-do you want to have a wedding in 115 degrees? Contingency plan.)

Comfort of Guests - You want your friends and family to have a great time. As you plan your outdoor wedding, think about the comfort of your guests - heat, cold, wind, bugs, etc.

Plan for Wind - If it's on the beach, then wind is definitely a big possibility. Make sure decorations and other items are secure. You'll also want to think about your hairstyle and veil, too.

Above photo from Chicago Botanic Garden

Plan for pictures - You might consider talking with your photographer to the outdoor location before you finalize the time of day for your wedding. Sunlight and shadows can make a huge difference in your photographs.

Time of Year - Think about where you want to be married and then, think about the different seasons of that area - what are the pros/cons for each of the season. Some winter wedding locations can make stunning backdrops. Fall color is vibrant and spring blooms can create a romantic setting.

Above outdoor wedding held at Dallas' Nasher Sculpture Center. Photos by Thisbe Grace.

Permits and Regulations - A good wedding planner can make this easy or contact the city/town hall as a reference.

Sound System - How do you mike the officiant? Hearing you and the groom take your vows. All is very important. Your guests are there to experience your joining, make sure they can hear it.

Noise & Uninvited Spectators - This is a consideration if you are having your wedding at a public venue or if you are in a flight path. This might not be critical, but something to keep in mind.

Tents, Chairs & Tables - Whether you're just having the ceremony outdoors or both the ceremony & reception your options are varied. Are you wanting tables and chairs or some of the lovely outdoor chairs and sofas that can be rented.