Featured Wedding: Ana & Abe

Couple: Ana Cristina Aguirre & Abraham Joseph

Wedding Date: September 17, 2011
Submitted by StrictlyWeddings.com Chicago Partner: Carasco Photography

Bride Ana Cristina and groom Abraham Joseph met in Miami. "He was friends with my roommate's boyfriend at the time. My roommate had called me to go out with the three of them on a Wednesday night in February and she had to convince me because it was too cold outside. It was 60F outside! That was cold for me back then! I ended up going out, we had a great time and the rest is history," noted Ana Cristina. "Abraham proposed over dinner in a very simple but beautiful way. He told me we were meeting a friend when in reality it was just the two of us. I was totally surprised."

It was easy for Ana Cristina to choose vendors and logistics for her wedding since she is a Chicago event planner and owner of Deseo Events. "I think I went through the same nervousness that any other bride goes through on her wedding day. Kelly Cavanaugh from Clementine Events was my day of coordinator and she helped me so much in dealing with last minute stress!" said Ana Cristina. "I cannot imagine how brides do it without a wedding planner. I know I couldn't have done it without my experience and confidence in the industry."

"I didn't want a ballroom, I wanted something different, but it was important the place was cozy because we wanted our families to get to know each other better. We looked at the available venues and when we went to The Peninsula we thought it was perfect. It is a ballroom, but it is cozy, elegant, it has beautiful windows over-looking Michigan Ave., the size, location and everything was perfect. The terrace for cocktails is to die for. There was a hold on the date and it was the only date available for the year! We had to wait for the hold to be released," noted Ana Cristina.

"My favorite memory from my wedding day- You've heard this before but it is truly to have everyone you love with you. LOVE the DJ and the food. The service at The Peninsula was immaculate too, left a great flavor in my mouth. I stayed the night before the wedding day and the staff would call me Miss. Aguirre the day before the wedding and Mrs. Joseph the day after. Cute, right?" said Ana Cristina.

Gown: Vera Wang
Shoes/purse/veil: The Left Bank
Tux/Suit: Hugo Boss (Bloomingdales)
Bridesmaid Dresses: BCBG
Hair: Beauty on Call
Floral & DÃ ©cor: KEHOE DESIGNS
Venue: The Peninsula
Caterer: The Peninsula
Day of event Planner: Clementine Events
Planning prior to wedding day: Deseo Events Design and Planning
Photographer: CARASCO Photography
Band/DJ: Quartet at cocktail: Artstrings. Rolando Calip with Deftmix
Honeymoon location: The Peninsula at Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand, Marriot JW at Phuket, Thailand
Dance Classes: Arthur Murray Studio
Transportation: VIP Valet Services