Bridal Pleasures with Chicago's Guilty Pleasurez

It is such a challenge to find "new and different" in the luxury wedding market these days. So when we came across these oh-so yummy cupcakes by a Chicago company called Guilty Pleasurez Cupcakes we immediately contacted them. Tracey was more than happy to oblige and below are photos of her mouthwatering treats - don't know what we want to do first, find a cocktail or eat cupcakes!

Irish Cream Cupcake

Guilty Pleasurez Cupcakes offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cupcakes in both regular and mini sizes. They use top quality alcohol for the "guilty" line but for the non-alcoholic line, Tracey infuses only the best flavors so that you have the taste without the kick. Now you don't have to feel guilty about one of life's little pleasures.

Top to bottom: Lemon Drop, Lime Margarita, Blue Hypnotic

Owner and creator Tracey Glover created Guilty Pleasurez Cocktail Cupcakes. The idea for her business came from the love and passion she has for cocktails and cake. From talking with her friends, she discovered that many of them shared that same passion so she decided to combine the two. Enjoy her cupcakes for all your special occasions - bridal showers, bachelor parties, weddings, birthdays, hanging out with friends, or just sipping on your favorite cocktail and enjoying that same flavor in a cupcake.

Top to bottom: Hypnotize Me, Amaretto, Orange, Red Velvet with Pink Champagne Frosting