Another special wedding for Chicago from partner, Jai Girard Photography ¦ this one, well known Chicago Blackhawks Center, Dave Bolland and his very lovely bride Julia.

This is a friendship that started very early. Julia and Dave met in elementary school in 6th grade where they sat next to each other. Being a year older, after two years, she went on to high school and he went on to play in the OHL Ontario hockey league the following year. It was 5 years before they would connect again. A common friend kept them up to date on each other. "About 7 years ago, Dave found me on Facebook. We chatted and reconnected in our home town, Mimico, at our mutual friend's birthday. It was that night that he admitted the reason he always wanted to stay in touch was because in elementary, I would tell him he would make it to the NHL and he loved that I had faith in him. Since that night, it's been pretty perfect."

The bride's gown was purchased as a sample and then customized by seamstress, Sylvia Swacha, to incorporate a low v-shape at the back. Ms. Swacha also designed the bridesmaid gowns. Julia, the bride, not only wanted them to be "one-of-a-kind" but to also incorporate the low v-shape that her gown would have.

"There was a special part of our wedding that stands out for me. Our friend, Steve Bryne married us. Steve's a comedian and instead of the traditional wedding vows, he told our story ¦ of how we met and lots of cute and embarrassing things that the groomsmen had told him. It made it so special and different and eyes were glued!! I just love the fact that we did something totally different but totally us. Everyone there said it was more of a celebration of love and our relationship. It was so genuine. I wouldn't change a thing!!"

The colors and set-up of the reception is just amazing. When asked, Julia said they worked with Blue Plate to create stations and an open seating lounge, which everyone loved. Guests were able to eat all night and sit where ever, which was something she and Dave wanted. "We always said we wanted to have a laid back fun wedding which really describes us and our relationship."

"Chez Moi was able to do a nut-free 4-tier Alice in Wonderland cake that was hot pink and lime green with monarch butterflies floating on the side," explains Julia. "The cake topper was a hockey stick and a pair of scissors with a knot tied that was the theme 'tying the knot.' The scissors were for me, since I'm a hairstylist and the Monarchs were for my dad, Michael Dodis, who passed away."

Hairstylist - Bridesmaid and hairstyle mentor, Amy Beaulieu | Wedding Shoes - Valentino | Wedding Planner - Melissa Clementine, Clementine Events | Floral & Event Design - Kehoe Designs | Bouquets & Boutonnieres - Duffy Flowers | Invitations - Paper Source | Cake - Chez Moi | Photographer - Jai Girard | Caterer - Blue Plate | Linens - Kehoe & Blue Plate | Entertainment - DeeJay Fixed