Flowers, Lace, Trends - Claire Pettibone

We are completely smitten with these romantic and feminine wedding dresses from Claire Pettibone. We also love her humility that accompanies her vision. She's one of those true trend-setters, who never set out to be anything of the sort. Here's her take on trends and exhibiting your own style.

Once the last model exits the runway, I have two seconds to take a breath, and the reporter's questionsbegin, "Claire, what are the latest bridal trends?"When I design a collection, so many things inspire me. This season was all about a dream-like goddess walkingthrough rose petals.

But I don't pay much attention to trends. Although one movement I do fully support is the shift towardsindividuality in weddings. I actually was a pioneer in offering brides an alternative to the strapless ball gown, so itreally warms my heart to see more and more brides confident in their personal style, and resisting the pressureto fit into a particular "bridal" mold. Antique lace, illusion backs and floral embellishments- these are all thingsthat stir my soul, but really, it's not about a sleeve or a sash. Does this gown stir your soul and make you feel abit overwhelmed (in a really good way)? Do you feel beautiful and so ready to meet your partner at the end of thataisle? ~ Claire Pettibone

Via: Claire Pettibone Blog