Photography by Behzad Design & Photography

Today's feature is likely to ignite an infatuation with Strictly Weddings Los Angeles wedding florist Empty Vase. Known for its exquisite floral artistry and versatility, Empty Vase brings magical, inspired visions to California weddings. Whether the design is a simple pleasure, such as a singular bouquet, or the ultimate in luxury, like a breathtaking canopy of 70,000 roses (shown above), each one is crafted with distinctive attention to detail and creative refinement. Empty Vase's expert team of out-of-the-box creatives has crafted an incomparable style, earning them abundant praise and a loyal following well outside California's limits.

What is the one word that sets Empty Vase apart from the rest and makes them a leader in the wedding industry? According to Saeed Babaeean, visionary founder and president of Empty Vase, their inspiration and signature styling comes down to one word: unexpected.

Unexpected means, "Something new. Something out of the ordinary. Something never-before-seen." Instead of following the trends, Babaeean creates the trends by relying on his own adventurous inclinations to push the envelope and deliver the extraordinary.

Using Empty Vase's renowned innovative flair and signature stamp of luxury as our guide, here are five ways to take your wedding from predictable to "unexpected."

1. Incorporate unexpected floral details

Choose unique locations to showcase an interesting or unconventional use of floral. At the weddings below, Empty Vase used hundreds of Phalaenopsis orchids to embellish the bride and groom's chairs and a lush bed of white hydrangea and orchids within lucite guest tables.

Photographers: John Solano Photography (top left and bottom), Behzad Design & Photography (top right)

2. Create unexpected focal points

Call attention to wedding reception florals in areas of importance with high style. Case in point: Peacocks! A definite conversation starter, two 13' fanciful, floral peacocks brought to life by Empty Vase added instant panache and a fashionable welcome to the wedding reception's entrance. Check out the extraordinary floral focal piece emulating the bride's gown as a conversation starter and, at another event, the sparkling 42' canopy of 4,300 crystals catching light over the dance floor.

Photographers: Laurie Bailey (peacocks), Behzad Design & Photography (gown), Shahin Gabbaypour (above)

3. Select an unexpected theme

The wedding theme should be as unique as you! For a bride and groom desiring something creative and bold, Empty Vase brought to life a medieval-inspired wedding. Taper candles and hammered gold set off thousands upon thousands of romantic red roses used to carry out the dramatic theme.

Photography by Laurie Bailey

4. Use unexpected ingredients.

The least obvious choice can often be the most surprising (in a good way). Empty Vase used a collection of found objects to uniquely display verdant floral arrangements at a private residence wedding reception.

Photography by Laurie Bailey

5. Consider an unexpected color story

Tired of white weddings? Step out of the ordinary with a unique wedding color palette. Even candy pink and electric blue can work when chicly conceptualized and executed!

Photography by Shahin Gabbaypour

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