Strictly Weddings is swooning over two forever loves - jewels and bridal bouquets - that together make for a stunning jeweled bridal bouquet. Although both are guaranteed to delight individually, the combined duo is a match made in heaven. We think you'll agree; sharp, precise, glistening jewels set against soft, organic petals creates an irresistible juxtaposition that is just about as gorgeous as it gets.

With fine taste and a treasure trove of design talent, Mat Hepplestone of Red Floral Architecture knows this kind of beauty and reverence first-hand. "Grandmother's brooch or necklace can be woven through the design to create the desired glamour, yet also as a lasting memory of a precious loved one. Another fab idea is to frame very small pictures in beautiful frames, which can be added to the stem point of the [bouquet]," explains Mat.

Whether just a dash of sparkle or fully diamond-encrusted, bejeweled bridal bouquets are becoming more and more popular with their endless elegance and significance. So much more than a stylish accessory or meaningless glitz, the bridal bouquet offers the perfect opportunity to thoughtfully personalize your look. Incorporating treasured keepsakes or family heirlooms into the bouquet is a beautiful way to honor memories and loved ones as you walk down the aisle.

In addition to family brooches, necklaces, and pictures, Mat has incorporated rings, earrings, and bracelets. "In fact, any piece of jewellery can be incorporated into a bouquet. I've even been known to include pocket watches and tie pins!" Mat shares.

We're absolutely convinced that a bed of flowers is the perfect setting to allow artistic jewels to sing! Take a close up look for yourself and be prepared to fall in love with these sparkling treasures.

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Red Floral Architecture has become well known for its masterful floral craftsmanship, perfecting the art of punctuating floral with polished jewels, and so much more! Learn more about their fabulous work by visiting their Luxe List partner page on the Strictly Weddings website!