Strictly Weddings is thrilled to feature our second installment highlighting the beauty of Berta's 2015 bridal collection. We are still floating in dreamland after our first feature focusing on statement-making entrances. Today we are turning things around and focusing on Berta's equally stunning backsides, which make for truly unforgettable exits. (We are always on the front end of fashion, so it is fun to change things up and get a little "behind!")

Berta's 2015 collection is the kind that affects an entire industry, so one can easily assume wearing a gown from her lineup will affect your groom and guests in an equally impressionable fashion¦.especially as you head back down the aisle during the recessional! The unique cut of each dress perfectly accentuates the back and its sexy curves, hailing attention from side to side and top to bottom.

It is evident that Berta is in a level all her own; the incredible fit of each gown and high-quality handmade sewing is unmistakable. Breathtaking long trains and grand designs of fine fabrics speak to motives of old-world luxury while shorter trains and softer, lighter fabrics bring to mind Berta's modern, more restrained sophistication.

Settle back in and get ready to fall in love with Berta luxury¦again! Twice is nice, don't you think?

More About Berta

Berta is internationally recognized as top-of-the-class in the bridal market with more than 50 boutique locations worldwide and ever-growing popularity and praise. From avant-garde conceptualization to finishing details, each dress dazzles with luxury and uniqueness, the result of Berta's 17 years of design experience.

Keep up to date with the latest collections and inspiration by following Berta's. You can find all her contact information and social media links on her Strictly Weddings Luxe List page. Don't miss their gorgeous 2015 ad campaign via YouTube.