For a wedding location that embodies the art and beauty of love - look no further than the Amalfi Coast of Italy. For our wedding inspiration today, Strictly Weddings and My Wedding Mirror bridal styling and Sandra Lovisco Hair & Makeup bring you to the luxurious Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento, Italy for an enchanting wedding.

A Stunning Sorrento Wedding Venue
The Grand sits atop a cliff above the shining waters of the Gulf of Naples, with Mount Vesuvius rising proudly in the distance. The hotel is famous for its terrace and breath-taking views. In short, it's positively enthralling and a great backdrop for a Midsummer Night's Dream wedding.

A Romantic Italian Wedding Inspired by Shakespeare
The inspiration for this shoot was Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream - a play that conjures magic and supernatural love to create a fairytale world. Taking hints from the play, stylists mixed together romance, dreams and the wild feeling of love everlasting.

An Entrancing Wedding Makeup Idea
The bride, with porcelain fragility, waits anxiously for her love. Her hair is styled in waves, swept back in a crown of flowers -almost nymph-like. Makeup was designed to be flawless and natural, with light rosy and peach accents and alabaster skin. Lips are full and glossy like ripe plums.

Eye-Catching Bridal Style
The bride is draped in an Enzo Miccio dress with a train of feathery ruffles. Miccio designs his dresses and shoes to make the bride feel radiant, but comfortable. His line accentuates simplicity, with a strong dose of elegance and spontaneity. Che Bello!

When to Plan an Italian Coast Wedding
"Weddings in Italy are a huge event," says Sandra Lovisco. "And because of its temperate Mediterranean climate, the weather is perfect all year." You can choose any region from the middle to south of Italy for your perfect destination wedding. Florence, Rome, Naples, Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Ravello - are all exquisite - even in the winter. Lovisco suggests October through December or March through April for the best time to host your wedding in southern Italy.

Italian Confetti Candy - a Bridal Tradition
It's not an Italian wedding without confetti. According to Italian tradition, confetti is placed in corners of bridal house and wedding location. Confetti are small, almond sweets with a crisp, sugar coating. It's usually served in fives to represent health, prosperity, happiness, fertility and longevity.

Thanks My Wedding Mirror and Sandra Lovisco, your wedding shoot is one any bride would dream about.


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Hair& Makeup: Sandra Lovisco
Wedding Planner: Enzo Miccio
Photographer: Gabriel Fogli
Wedding Photography: Focale
Wedding/Set Designer: Enzo Miccio
Wedding Dress/Shoes: Enzo Miccio
Location: Grand Hotel Vittoria Sorrento:
Location Manager: Tiziana Laterza
Photo Assistant: Giorgio Attanasio, Tommaso Preziosi, Mario Barbieri