For our wedding inspiration today, we'll take you on a journey to British Columbia, Canada, where our Indian bride sets the landscape ablaze. Love the gorgeous Sari, opulent wedding jewelry and vivid floral arrangements. Thanks to Alisha Khan Photography for sharing the exotic spice of this styled shoot.

The Jewels of the Indian Wedding Color Pallet
What do you need for an Indian wedding? Color and more color. Our featured bride is draped in this year's Pantone color, Marsala, burgundies, bold reds and ornate oranges - the trend in Indian bridal colors. She wears her hand-embroidered wedding sari elegantly draped in the Gujarati wedding style, highlighting the front bodice. A combination of elegance and power.

Indian Wedding Jewelry = Lavish
Bridal jewelry is heavy, ornate and there is a lot of it. Traditional Indian brides are decked out in everything from toe rings to head pieces and more. Our bejeweled bride is wearing a choker-style necklace and a gorgeous headpiece with a bindi. Two additional side pieces to cover the top of the forehead. Bright golds and slivers and sparkling stonework are a must-have.

Elaborate Indian Bridal Earrings
Brides in India generally choose earrings that are bold, long and intricate. Brides-to-be wear them around the ear and hidden, or attached throughout their hair. Hand pieces are another big Indian bridal trend. They are normally worn with bangles or on their own attached to the wrist and many times leading to rings with beautiful chains.

Hot Henna
Another bridal must-have, not shown in these shots, are henna tattoos. Henna adorns the hands and feet of the bride and signifies bridal beauty. In fact, many cultures believe that the darker the henna, the more your in-laws will love you. It's usually drawn on both sides of the hand from the elbow to the fingertips and then the from the toes up to the knees.

Makeup Bold Earth Tones
The wedding makeup by was created by Toby Wesenberg, who believes her client is a canvas. She used the natural golds and browns in the bride's eyes to enhance her beauty. She also created a natural-shaped heavy brow arch. Lips were painted with a dose of vivid burgundy. The bride's hair was woven with flowers and braided from the side to the back, like many traditional Indian brides. Ravishing!

Vivid and Wild Wedding Floral Arrangements
Blue Sage Farm created the wedding floral arrangements. They chose organic, vibrant, whimsical, and wild flowers to create a fresh garden-picked feel. Oranges, blues and whites play off the bridal sari. The arrangements were draped throughout the styled shoot in varying, wild bunches.

The Beauty of Okanagan Valley, Canada
Many brides come from around the world to get married in Okanagan, Canada with its picturesque scenery and gorgeous lakes. A top poll of B.C.'s visitors listed Top 10 places to visit right in the Okanagan Valley. Okanagan wineries and Okanagan Lake (shown here) are a top destination for saying "I do."

Thanks Alisha! We love this beautiful shoot in this amazing location!

Creative Director & Photographer: Alisha Khan Photography
Hair & Makeup: Toby Wesenberg
Florals: Blue Sage Farm- Floral Design
Model: Apinder S. of Allan International/DEJAVU Models.
Location: Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary, Kelowna, BC