A wedding at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago begins a new chapter for high school sweethearts who endured a long distance relationship. Sean and Olesya's love story proves that when you meet your soul mate in high school that hundreds of miles in between cannot keep hearts a part. With a glorious setting, photographer Kristin La Voie brings us a wedding featuring this special couple.

Fifteen years ago, perhaps simpler times, Sean and Olesya became good friends. Bonding over some of life's happiest and toughest moments. Parting ways during college, their relationship continued to deepen and shortly after graduation they both briefly returned to Chicago. Spending time with mutual friends they took the natural step into dating one another.

Traveling the Distance for Love

A self-proclaimed simple guy, Sean has lived in Chicago, Denver, Rome, Madison, Dallas and Minneapolis. Wherever he goes, friends and family surround him. Olesya shares a passion for travel, but also enjoys literature and yoga - always buzzing from one project to the next. They spent their early years first driving between Chicago and Madison to spend time together and then flying between Chicago and Minneapolis.

Under the Same Roof

Planning a proposal certainly had its challenges. With the belief that engagements should be unexpected and not done in a public place, Sean set his plan in motion to surprise Olesya with a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring in her favorite dessert - with champagne, of course. However, one thing one can always count on is that flights will be delayed or things will never go as planned. The night of his planned proposal, Olesya's flight was delayed and she did not arrive until midnight. Not to be deterred, Sean offered her dessert when they reached his apartment, which she declined as it was too late and she wanted to go to bed. He couldn't wait to be engaged to her and told Olesya that he never knows what she will do next, but that he was excited to continue to find out for the rest of his life. Her answer was a resounding "YES!"

They got married in front of their closest family and friends at the Waldorf Astoria and finally live in Chicago under the same roof.

All in the Details

Olesya chose an Olia Zavozina gown making her look like a modern day princess with her Jimmy Choos. The A-line gown was accented by a floor length veil and offset with a rhinestone belt at her waist. Classic and sophisticated for her dream day and walk down the aisle. She worked with wedding planner, Liven It Up Events, and the majority of the details were taken care of by the Waldorf. With ivory, hues of pink and a burst of yellow, her floral was simple and elegantly designed by Fairy Godmothers Wedding & Event Designs. Special Babushka dolls were placed one each guests' black chaser plate as a memento for their family and friends.