Epic Places to Exchange Vows

Dive into four top destination wedding locations and places to honeymoon from around the world to inspire your planning for an epic vow exchange with idyllic landscapes as your backdrop. While all of these havens are equal in beauty, each of them has their individual merits. From the picturesque mountains of the Swiss Alps, local culture of Vietnam to the white sand beaches of Bali and natural wonders of Oman, Strictly Weddings showcases not only the highlights of each country, but offers suggested resorts and facts about each location when planning your dream day.

Idyllic Landscapes

For those with a taste for tropical temperatures, Bali is your go-to destination, home to a rolling landscape of towering mountains, rich green paddy fields and spectacular beachfront sunset views. Vietnam is perfect for those seeking romantic views and urban exploration. An unusual yet exciting country that has seen a rise in foreign guests is the Sultanate of Oman, which boasts true Arabian beauty. Finally, Switzerland is our magical spot for a winter wonderland, or summer alpine wedding.


Unique among the Indonesian archipelago, which boasts over 13,000 islands, Bali is well known to travelers from around the world. Endless experiences await discovery. With black and white sand beaches, volcanic mountains and spectacular sunsets, Bali earns it reputation as a tropical heaven on earth. It is also a hive of culture. Lush rainforests, towering volcanic mountains and a rich multitude of wild plants and animals lie just beyond the swathe of beaches. Bali proudly displays their beliefs in daily life through prayer and offerings. The spiritual center of Ubud is a popular feature of the island, where many couples go to relax and celebrate the next chapter of their lives. Bali is best to visit in the dry season between May and September, as it boasts an equatorial climate along with a warm, welcoming culture to match.

The Legian Bali offers couples planning their nuptials several options to bring their dream day vision to fruition. The Beach House at The Legian Bali offers stunning beachfront accommodation and doubles as an intimate reception venue for wedding parties. With miles of glittering sandy coastline, set against a forest of palm trees and deep blue sea, Seminyak beach is one of the most popular choices. The events team will adorn your special day with local flowers and bouquets, while Balinese flower girls process up the aisle. Receptions boast fine food, stunning wedding cakes and music-filled receptions for your guests to enjoy.

The Club at The Legian Bali is another fantastic option for those wishing to head for Bali's trendiest enclave, Seminyak Beach. Located across the road from The Legian Bali, this estate offers exclusive weddings where the entire eleven-villa estate can be yours, offering ultimate seclusion for you and your guests.

Be sure you are familiar with the regulations of having a legal marriage held in Bali, as all couples that marry in Indonesia must declare a religion. The Civil Registry Office can record marriages of persons of Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian-Protestant and Christian-Catholic faiths. Marriage partners must have the same religion, or one partner must make a written declaration of change of religion. You may also choose to have blessing or commitment ceremony in which you are not required to fulfill the government laws. Same sex couples can choose to have commitment ceremonies in Bali.


Uncover the wonders of Vietnam's varied terrain of bustling cities, sandy beaches and dense forest. Every picture you take will be a treasured and awe-inspiring addition to your wedding memories. Vietnam is a fascinating destination. Be immersed in history in Hoi An Old Town, float along the Mekong Delta or relax on a deserted beach. There are remarkable sights to amaze any visitor to this country of natural beauty.

The Nam Hai Hoi An lies along the coast on the powdery sands of Ha My Beach, located minutes away from the ancient town and just a short drive away from the Marble Mountains. The hotel is inspired by over 2,000 years of history, blending seamlessly into its surroundings, offering numerous venues within its walls to host ceremonies and lavish receptions for you and your guests. The tropical gardens and three-tiered pools are a popular attraction for those seeking first-class photography, while a luxurious room with an ocean view awaits for you to rest and relax into your honeymoon. Weddings and events at The Nam Hai are as spectacular as their legendary setting on Ha My Beach. With brides in mind, The Nam Hai has created wedding packages to ensure unforgettable nuptials. There are 60 one-bedroom villas and 40 pool villas over 35-acres of tropical gardens and pristine shoreline of Ha My Beach to choose from for your experience. Top-notch butlers are assigned to each pool villa ensuring guests receive unsurpassed hospitality.

Before making plans to travel here, make sure you're aware of the laws, as exchanging vows in Vietnam can be complicated. In order to have a legal ceremony, one of you must be a Vietnamese citizen. Those who are not in this situation are offered a non-legal blessing where you legally marry in your country of residence and follow this with a non-legal blessing celebration in Vietnam. Legal age for marriage is 18 years for women and 20 years for men. Same sex couples may have blessing ceremonies and weddings ceremonies in Vietnam, although they will not be legally recognized.


The fairy tales of the exotic Orient lure the most romantic brides and grooms to celebrate their special day between the epic mountains and dramatic seashore of Oman. Many lifelong love stories trace their origins to this majestic setting. Oman is known for its rich history and culture, friendly people and diverse landscapes. Muscat is the ideal destination for winter sunshine, and the perfect base from which to explore. Discover desert sands, imposing mountain ranges, white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Oman offers two core types of wedding: traditional and modern. While both have their differences, they remain steeped in Arab culture.

Oman is home to a flourishing array of hotels, with The Chedi Muscat hotel a prize example. Situated on the coast with breathtaking views of the towering Hajar Mountains, the hotel offers special areas for guests to exchange vows, from the luxurious poolside to the peaceful beach right on its doorstep. With a wealth of experience in hosting weddings, you can leave your wishes in their hands and have your celebration planned down to the finest detail. Following the ceremony, private dining rooms serving gourmet cuisine and fine wines welcome the reception, while the perfect suite awaits you to begin a romantic honeymoon. The combination of fascinating history, warm culture and powerful scenery are inspiring and provide the perfect location to create treasured memories your wedding celebration deserves.

It is best to visit between October and April when the weather is cool. A wedding and honeymoon in this Arabian landscape is sure to astound you. To be legally wed in this spectacular country, you must be Omani or currently living in Oman to be married here. There are no civil marriages in Oman, but you can get married through a religious ceremony at a church or Shariaa court. Nevertheless, wedding receptions can be held at a host of locations and cater to celebrations for a host of couples. A marriage between two Muslims can be conducted in the Shariaa court in Muscat, as can a marriage between a Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman. However, the court will not allow a non-Muslim man to marry a Muslim woman. Same sex couples are not allowed to marry.


Snow-capped Swiss Alps, fresh mountain air and green pine trees dot this stunning winter wonderland as your friends and family gather to celebrate your blessed union. The wealthy landlocked country in central Europe is home to some of the highest mountains in the Alps, offering outstanding recreation for sports enthusiasts and breathtaking views for all to see. Switzerland is most popular for its luxurious ski resorts and Zurich' chic urban metropolis. As a growing amount of brides are keen to incorporate nature into their nuptials, this alpine haven is fast becoming a favorite for both weddings and honeymoons.

A destination guaranteed to enthrall is Andermatt, situated in the picturesque Urseren valley where four alpine passes cross. Offering spectacular scenery throughout the year, with guaranteed snowfall in winter and rolling green meadows in summer, Andermatt is an intimate and unique choice for a Swiss wedding destination. The rich culture and timeless traditions will make your marriage as magical as you deserve.

There are plenty of hotels and resorts that will answer your every need. But for the ultimate wow-factor consider The Chedi Andermatt, blending into the remote Urseren idyll. This luxurious hotel offers top-class facilities including fine restaurants, a welcoming living room and indoor and outdoor pools, and a number of packages are available to complete your magical destination wedding or honeymoon in this snowy landscape. Choose the Rejuvenate in Style package for a pampering three-night deluxe stay in The Chedi, including complimentary access to the comprehensive spa and wellness center, a two-hour Bali Oriental Ritual spa treatment, daily yoga sessions and a four-course dinner served at The Restaurant. A wide range of authentic central Swiss, European and Asian food is available here, all served with a world-class wine if you so choose. Watch the chefs at work in four theatre kitchens, socialize at communal tables or warm yourself around a flickering fireplace - the choices are endless.

Visit between December and April to enjoy a magical white wedding in the Alps, or in the summer months to exchange vows on the green flower-topped hills. All Swiss weddings must include a civil ceremony at a registry office for the marriage to be legally registered. This means that the religious ceremony is separate from the legal proceedings. A symbolic wedding ceremony or blessing is non-binding to the law. No prior civil marriage or paperwork is required. Same sex couples may have civil unions or registered partnerships in Switzerland.

For more on each of the properties featured in this article, be sure to visit the GHM Wedding Guide. This guide will also give you more fast facts and information about each countries guidelines for legal ceremonies, blessings and an excellent planning resource for your destination wedding and honeymoon. This guide is the perfect tool as you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey towards a dream wedding unlike any other.