Pallas Couture is set to take center stage with their U.S. debut at the New York Bridal Market on October 10-12. The Australian-based luxury bridal designer will unveil their 2016 collection "La Haute Bijoux," a captivating showcase of gowns both extravagant and intricate that reveal the true magic of the world of haute couture. In addition to this much-anticipated collection, Pallas Couture is also bringing to the New York runway an exclusive Ready to Wear label titled "Simplicite" - a breathtakingly beautiful collection of 12 bridal gowns that are an ode to the elegant modernity of the international woman. Designed with minimalistic lines and style, but with the hypnotic essence that is reminiscent of the world of haute couture.

Top: Berenice | Left: Emmalisa | Top and Right: Courtney

Strictly Weddings Exclusive

Today's exclusive Strictly Weddings feature on Pallas Couture showcases the "La Haute Bijoux" collection. Translating to "the fine jewel," each ethereal-like gown embodies a dreamy and sensual aesthetic. These gowns are designed to radiate a lightness and sophisticated "it girl" factor as though each design is a precious jewel itself.

Combining the classical techniques from the golden age of haute couture, together with a high fashion sensibility, each beautiful design elevates the bridal house to new heights with an air of elegance and sensuality that Pallas is renowned for.

Revealing the concept of lightness with structure, the cut and silhouette is paramount to each design, with emphasis on the haute couture lines, panels and appliqué placement of the gowns.

Top: Edme | Left: Estrella | Right: Camille | Bottom: Arcene

Luxury Designs

Luxury is never compromised, with the finest quality, exclusive French laces, luminous silks and tulles sourced from Europe, dramatized by hand-placed Italian embroideries and beading.

Impeccable craftsmanship is the essence of couture and commences well before the fabric is cut. It begins with a vision, transforming this into a three-dimensional work of art that is the Pallas Couture gown. Every feminine creation is crafted exclusively to the client's body, from the bust to the hips, creating a shape that reflects their sculpted silhouette. The seamstresses work with millimeters because the cuts in haute couture techniques require utmost precision, ultimately helping to accentuate the body.

Fabrics are draped and pinned to the bodice, experimenting with twists and folds to achieve particular desired affects and shapes. Attention to detail is unparalleled with every sequin, bead, embellishment and embroidery delicately placed and sewn with masterful precision and technique.

The end result of each exquisite creation is a fantasy - a dream that celebrates the true magic that is haute couture.

Top: Berenice

Australian Design House

Adhering to Pallas' ethos founded on original design with luxury and fine technique at its core, all gowns within the ivory-hued collection are handcrafted in-house by Australia's most skilled couture artisans.

Top Row: Anteletta | Middle Row: Charlitte | Bottom: Beaumont

Pallas Couture Debuts at NY Bridal Market

Pallas Couture's 2016 Collection is available by appointment at Pallas' flagship boutiques in Sydney and Perth, as well as through select stockists internationally.

To RSVP to the show please contact Pallas Couture.

Founded in 2001, Pallas Couture has built a global reputation and is led by Founder and Creative Design Director Joy Morris' innate sense of style and visionary eye, the Pallas Couture team of skilled artisans are masters in tailoring, cut and pattern making and draw on their many decades of experience to redefine the concept of bridal and evening wear.

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