Berta Spring 2016 is a collection of regal and unparalleled designs that will capture your heart with every stitch. Each gown is a statement of its own. True regal superiority. Berta designed the Spring 2016 collection with the clear aim of standing out and maintaining the uniqueness that her brand is renowned for amongst brides and industry experts. It's clearly an incredibly sophisticated and avant-garde collection with the use of new materials and handcrafted beadwork achieving new texture combinations and patterns. The designs are characterized by the use of silver appliques and embellishments blended with new color hues like nude, champaign and dark ivory. Sure to be a bridal favorite and giving the air of a timeless and regal look, Berta combined new elements to several of the styles creating beaded boleros, tulle capes, beaded cathedral veils and detachable tulle and lace trains.

Berta Spring 2016 Inspiration

The inspiration for Berta's Spring 2016 collection came chiefly from the 18th century in Western Europe. Those days were the aftermath of the French Revolution - a time when women started feeling more comfortable about themselves and began wearing more figure flattering clothing. Fashion was still influenced by royalty, but women embarked on celebrating their femininity and natural beauty more than ever before. Berta focused on this magical era. Acclaimed for designing figure hugging silhouettes, Berta synthesized her styling with the fashion-forward movement of the 18th century. The outcome was grand regal elegance. The complexity of the cuts and the elite craftsmanship are distinguished.

Strictly Weddings is honored to have the U.S. unveiling of her new collection. Without further ado, we present each style with its detailed description.

Berta Style 16-03

A handcrafted lace gown with guipure appliques beginning with a high neckline that wraps to a deep open back with an illusion panel. This stunning gown is accentuated with a matching beaded Berta cape.

Berta Style 16-08

A handcrafted flower lace appliques with demur cap sleeves an illusion neckline and back that moves into a detachable over skirt with lace appliques throughout.

Berta Style 16-14

Stunning handcrafted lace gown with dazzling silver embellishments across the neckline a back opening and train edges. This style is a Berta signature silhouette with a long dramatic train.

Berta Style 16-05

Berta's full skirt with all silver payette beading and appliques throughout the bodice that cuts into v-neckline and open back.

Berta Style 16-28

Encrusted with beading and silver jewelry-like applique across the waist and bust that features a deep open back and triangular shapes at the edge of the train.

Berta Style 16-01

Handcrafted lace and glossy taffeta gown in champaign tone with a plunging neckline, deep open back with rushing at the back moving into a dramatic long train with lace edges all across.

Berta Style 16-11

Handcrafted lace embroidered with a plunging neckline, deep open back and a full detachable over skirt.

Berta Style 16-06

Fabulous knee length skirt created in handcrafted lace dress and adorned in silver embellishments.

Berta Style 16-02

Handcrafted beaded dress with silver touches, netting panels on the sides and all across the lower back. The layered train is accentuated with beaded lace edging in the front and soft tulle in the back.

Berta Style 16-12

Handcrafted antique lace dress with pearls embroidery all across the top and bottom. A key whole deep open back with cap sleeves and a beaded detachable belt at the waist. Long dramatic lace train.

Berta Style 16-18

All beaded lace gown, plunging neckline, cap sleeves and a deep open back.

Berta Style 16-37

All pearls and payette embellished open back gown, with special triangular cut at the edges of the train. Lace appliques at the shoulders and small pearls belt in the waist.

Berta Style 16-15

Handcrafted dress made from different lace appliques, deep plunging neckline, illusion open back with buttons all across the middle, cap sleeves, dramatic train with lace edges.

Berta Style 16-35

Sweetheart neckline, made from guipure lace appliques and netting, open back, beaded straps, long dramatic train with lace edges.

Berta Style 16-10

Sophisticated handcrafted gown from different laces, illusion neckline, guipure netting panels on the sides deep open back.

Berta Style 16-19

Lace gown with silver embellishments across the plunging neckline, straps and open back, long dramatic train.

Berta Style 16-23

Heavenly 3D floral embroidered lace dress with a full cloche skirt.

Berta Style 16-33

Handcrafted lace gown, dramatic layered lace train with all lace payette beaded layer below. Comes with a matching lace bolero.

Berta Style 16-04

Sophisticated lace and beadwork sequence dress, modest neckline, cap sleeves and illusion open back.

Berta Style 16-36

Handcrafted guipure lace dress, embroidered with lace and netting panels, cap sleeves, layered lace and tulle train, open back in a keyhole shape.

Berta Style 16-17

Unique embellished netting lace dress, silver tone, wide elbow length sleeves, golden belt and an open back.

Berta Style 16-25

Handcrafted lace dress with pearls embellishments, illusion neckline and a detachable soft tulle skirt with lace appliques at the belt.

Berta Style 16-07

Full cloche skirt lace embellished dress, silver tone, illusion neckline and illusion back with payette lace across the middle.

Berta Style 16-30

Handcrafted long sleeves custom lace dress. Open back and illusion appliques across the high and low waist and sleeves.

Berta Style 16-24

Fully embellished payette dress, with pearls across the illusion neckline and low back.

Berta Style 16-21

Illusion see-through handcrafted netting & lace dress, silver tone with a matching bolero.

Berta Style 16-09

Silver tone payette embellished netting dress with lace appliques and long sleeves.

Berta Style 16-39

Handcrafted lace dress, plunging neckline, netting panels on the waist, open back and a matching short netting cape.

Berta Style 16-20

Handcrafted off-the-shoulder pearls and payette embellished dress, plunging neckline and an open back.

Berta Style 16-16

Embellished lace dress, plunging neckline and an open back. Comes with a matching tulle cape with antique silver embellishments in the shoulders and belt.

Berta Style 16-31

Silver-Nude embellished dress, deep V neckline, open back and long sleeves.

Berta Style 16-27

Handcrafted illusion see through guipure lace dress, long sleeves, open back, and a matching all beaded cathedral length veil.

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