Oviatt Penthouse was fit for the silver screen as today's featured wedding venue. It was a wedding that seemed like it came straight from a Hollywood screenplay. For the romantic story of Katherine and Alec, a couple fated to be together after crossing paths over the years and a unique proposal, as well as an engagement photo that caught the attention of national media outlets like Good Morning America!, MTV and CNN to name a few. The bride and groom had a talent for turning the heads of their own friends and families with their unique ideas and planned a chic and exclusive city styled wedding. With a glamorous Vera Wang bridal gown and the spectacular view from the venue this wedding surely belongs on a silver screen - where luxury meets geek through the lens of Derek Chad Photography!

A Viral Proposal and Engagement Idea

Katherine has a love of horror movies - especially John Carpenter's Halloween. It is also no wonder, as she is the Co-Host of Boys and Ghouls podcast. Since Katherine is a horror movie aficionado, Alec planned a thrilling proposal to dress up as Michael Myers to scare his future wife into saying yes! (The proposal can be seen here.) They were then inspired to use Alec's favorite movie and create a buzz worthy "Back to the Future" engagement photo. The proposal and engagement photo went onto capturing the attention of people all over the world making their unique wedding proposal and engagement photo a viral sensation across today's top social platforms.

Setting a Romantic Stage

Their wedding was like a private screening to the beginning of their new chapter together. They wanted to give their family and friends a Los Angeles experience and the Oviatt Penthouse was the perfect location. This gave them a beautiful cityscape backdrop. The bride loves autumn and had some of the season's elements incorporated into their wedding style with the use of browns, dark greens, subtle deep purples and white. She wore an elegant and dramatic Vera Wang gown and her groom had a handsome white and black tux. Walking down the aisle was a moment she would never forget. In the brides words, "This is not a terribly unique answer, but that walk down the aisle was really something. Everything else fell away and we were able to look at each other and really let it sink in that the day was finally here."

Thrills and Chills

This wedding story was packed full of thrills and chills of excitement for this couple and most likely less horrifying than a horror movie - we think it was certainly one worthy of the limelight.