Considering Valentine's Day is designated as the day of love and happens to fall on a Sunday this year, it's also a perfect excuse to swoon over delicious color palettes and inspiration for weddings that occur on the other 364 days of the year. Joanna Moss Photography delivered two slices of beauty with her styled shoots that are each uniquely vibrant with colorful blooms blended with a vintage vibe. From the traditional tones of Valentine's pinks and reds to the modern twist of the peacock colors of purple and green, we are smitten with the whimsical and romantic undertones of each shoot designed by Umbrella Events with design and decor by Fort Langley Vintage Rentals. The playful sweet treats will most likely put you in a sugar coma. Enjoy all the goodies from these talented vendors out of British Columbia.

Traditional Valentine's Day

The over the top red, pink and lavender lush blooms capture our heart by Vivio Flowers in the traditional Valentine's Day Shoot with long ribbons to perfectly accent the bouquets. Appropriately set at the Hart House Restaurant, the vision behind this inspiration was about presenting a twist on the candy and flowers the day of love is known for amongst romantics. The dessert table boasted three individual cakes, two touting ombre iced eye candy in the same hues by Frosting Cupcakery and Bake Shop. A vintage white A-line gown from Pure Magnolia graced their bride in flowing beauty and created a gorgeous contrast with the pure white fabric, making the bright tones really standout.

Modern Twist on Valentine's Day

At Grouse Mountain in Vancouver the team opted for a bit untraditional Valentine's Day shoot - playing up the purples and greens found on Mardi Gras and blending them with accents of red and pink tones. Evoked from the inspiration of a peacock's natural beauty, the major focus for this styled shoot was on Maple Ridge Florist's robust arrangements and rustic scene. Organized by Umbrella Events and Fort Langley Rentals who envisioned a natural and open setting, the team had to quickly adjust by bringing the shoot indoors after a sudden mid-day snow. The watercolor work of Making Memories with Scrapbooking is dreamy with whimsical and colorful details. The Cake & The Giraffe's creation is a masterpiece and certainly an ode to the feathery bird.

Better than a box of chocolates, these two galleries are full of love-inspiring images!

Credits: Traditional Valentine's Day Inspiration

Photographer:Joanna Moss Photography
Event Designer: Umbrella Events
Other: Davie & Chiyo
Design and Decor: Fort Langley Vintage Rentals
Bakery: Frosting Cupcakery & Bake Shop
Reception Venue: Hart House Restaurant
Dress Designer: Pure Magnolia Gowns
Hair Stylist: Radiant Beauties
Invitation Designer: Uniquity Invitations
Floral Designer: Vivio FLowers

Credits: Peacock Inspiration

Photographer: Joanna Moss Photography
Ring Designer: Passion Diamonds Inc.
Event Designer: Umbrella Events
Equipment Rentals: A1 Party Rentals Inc.
Other: and then again
Design and Decor: Fort Langley Vintage Rentals
Dress Store: Frocks
Reception Venue: Grouse Mountain
nvitation Designer: Making Memories with Scrapbooking
Floral Designer: Maple Ridge Florist
Dress Designer: Pure Magnolia Gowns
Hair Stylist: Radiant Beauties
Cake Designer: The Cake & The Giraffe