Today with so many top bridesmaids designers it's becoming pretty tough to decide what your best friends will wear on the big day. We've seen many trends come and go, there is a few trends that has captured our attention. Here are some of our top trend selections for 2016! From fun mix and match, self-tie infinity dresses, sequin glam gowns to ombre color schemes - Enjoy these pinworthy trends and be inspired for your big wedding day!

Watters Bridesmaids Style 8356i Carly and 8355i Blair
Mix and Match

Mixing and matching different styles of bridesmaids dresses have been growing ever so popular and we've fallen in love on how much it has evolved. We're seeing this trend being pulled off better and better! With better color coordination, similar lengths and overall keeping a balanced theme has us doing a standing ovation!

Hayley Paige Occasions Style 5602 and 5600
Hayley Paige Occasions Style 5601 and 5605
Hayley Paige Occasions Style 5604 and 5606

This look has become one of our favorite ways of adding in a bit of glam to your wedding day. With so many different designs and options, it's a breeze to add a vintage touch to a Great Gatsby themed wedding or a modern flare for a chic city wedding. From solid sequins to detailed sequin patterns these styles are just to fabulous not to include in our top picks!

Christina Wu Bridesmaids Spring 2016 Collection
Christina Wu Bridesmaids Spring 2016 Collection
Amsale Bridesmaids Style London and Loire
Angelina Faccenda Style 20478 and 20475
Angelina Faccenda Style 20476 and 20477
Self-Tie Styles

This style goes by as many names as it does tying options! This dress has an infinity of ways of making an unique look. It's gives each bridesmaid a fun way to express their own creativity or find a option most comfortable for them. All while keeping a stylish cohesion the big day.

Watters Bridesmaids Style 800
Christina Wu Bridesmaids Style 22702
Ombre Colors

Another trend we favor is the ombre color scheme for bridesmaids, where each dress would be varying shades of one hue usually from light to dark or vice versa. Bridesmaids over the years have been much more expressive and less uniform like. Though there is nothing wrong with the traditional united look of a wedding party. This idea has been gracing the wedding scene in such elegant ways.

Jasmine B2 Style B183004 and B183010
Jasmine B2 and Bridesmaids Style B183001 and P186005
Jasmine Bridesmaids Style P186002 and P186013k