Combining Persian tradition with French-inspired elegance into a dream come true wedding at the gorgeous Vibiana with Duke Photography can only mean one thing - your heart is going to sing. This wedding day brings cultural beauty that is bursting with pink details and a 45-year-old family friendship that blossomed into the union of daughter and son. It's the epitome of elegance with Tic-Tok Florals and Aliana Events.

Persian Customs

Shirin and Kourosh's families have been well acquainted for over 45 years, frequently get together for family gatherings. But it was eight years ago that their eyes meet, followed by a Facebook friend request. The timing was simply not quite right with travel demands and busy schedules, so it wasn't until two years later they were able to share a cup of tea together. Every moment from there was on high speed - they were engaged six months later and the planning of their dream day only took eight months. With the families long standing friendship, Shirin and Kourosh were able to skip the Persian custom of families getting to know one another and as they already approval of the couple's engagement.

Uniquely Designed Bridal Style

As a fashion designer, Shirin had an idea for her wedding dress and veil. The veil was made by Monique Lhuillier. The long lace veil with floral trim perfectly complemented her dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. She customized her dress at Monique Lhuillier which consisted of two pieces: a delicate lace jumpsuit with a full skirt flowing over top of it. It appeared to be a standard wedding gown as the guests could not see the jumpsuit underneath, making the design perfect for the surprise moment of the night on the dance floor. Dancing to the song C'est le Vie by Khaled with the lights dimmed, Kourosh began to unzip the back of her skirt. Once the music picked up speed the skirt simply fell off, revealing the jumpsuit underneath. "The look on everyone's face was priceless," said Shirin. "After that moment, I received a lot of compliments on my wedding gown, from both the guests and the tailor at Monique Lhuillier, who informed me that I was the first person to come up with such a brilliant design"

French Inspired Elegance

Both the wedding and reception were held at the Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles. Wedding planner, Aliana Events, helped put together the French elegance inspired wedding with a touch of Shirin's style in every detail. Fancy Little Details from San Francisco designed the couple's Sofreh (a traditional Persian ceremony spread) and custom ordered finer details like the crystal vases for a unique touch. With the soft color palette of blush, ivory and soft pink, Shirin chose two of her favorite flowers, peonies and hydrangeas. Tic-Tok Florals included them in every centerpiece and on the Sofreh. Candles were arranged along mirror topped tables with baby's breath in custom ordered crystal vases to add a softer element to the wedding. The décor for the reception surpassed the ceremony in romance. The cake was beautifully decorated with blush colors and gold detail by Rafi's Pastries to match the theme.

Flawless in Details

Every detail was flawless and perfectly touched with romance and elegance.