Galia Lahav wedding dresses leave us breathless and their Ivory Tower collection is no exception. An impeccable collection that evokes imagery of a powerful, yet sensual woman. Inspired by gothic architecture and medieval wardrobe, these gowns showcase strong, structural lines, combined with delicate layers of translucent fabric, making the Ivory Tower a collection a perfect blend of features for today's bride. Galia Lahav's couture line introduces eleven luxurious designs that incorporate the romanticism and plunging bare backs this designer is known for worldwide. We love that each launch Galia Lahav creates introduces a storyline that a bride can embrace.

Galia Lahav's Ivory Tower

"The Ivory Tower is one of a medieval princess preparing to by untied with her knight and shining armor. As he returns from a conquest in a far away land, she awaits him in their enchanted ivory tower. The royal tower is a gothic masterpiece, made of captivating hand carved rose windows which shed beams of golden light into her chamber. Like her elegant and lustrous gowns, the tower embodies motifs of geometric harmony and ivory stone corridors."

"She floats on ripples of translucent French lace through the palace stairways in a gown glowing with accents of gothic architecture and reflections of the medieval world. Golden highlights radiate her gowns as she is dressed in the world's finest adornments. Her gown elegantly trails behind her as she walks proud in her royal attire. There is mystery in hues of dusty ivory and dewy blush fabrics from her gowns projecting misty splashes of color shining through fields of immaculate tulle surrounding her delicate figure. The princess' captivating gowns are decorated with beautiful floral embellishments, glistening hand-beaded crystals and luxurious textured laces. She anxiously awaits the arrival of her one true love and from the pinnacle of the Ivory Tower. The princess gazes down to see her city rejoice the royal union. Far in the distance, she can see the crowd separating in two, creating a clear path. A path for her one true love who is finally approaching the tower."

Galia Lahav - Ivory Tower Collection from Galia Lahav on Vimeo.

Ivory Tower Collection

Take a deeper dive into this architecturally-inspired collection bursting with embroidery, embellishments, whispy sheer layers and flirtatious slits that will make your heart flutter!


Halter neck mermaid dress made of embroidered French lace with a deep V opening in front. Dress has a low open back with a pointed lace train. There is a gold metallic chocker, with a gold Vinyl belt, metal diamante' beads, and an embroidered lace trim.


Tailored stretch double satin dress with cap sleeves. Back of the gown is opened in a V. There is an embroidered crystal jewel which forms V-shaped strands both in the front and back of the dress.


This dress consists of French ivory lace over a sparkly sheer blush background, with a sheer detail framing the bust. The neckline and back of the gown are entirely surrounded with hand beaded jewels, creating cap sleeves in a rose window and gothic roses pattern. A dramatic sash forming a train which is in the back of the gown meets the tip of the low open back.


This dress is made with double silk stretch fabric to accentuate every curve of the female body. It has a voluminous parted tulle skirt. There is are delicate vintage embroidered lace details around cleavage and low drop back. The dress is designed with hand-embroidered 3D gothic petals to adorn the neckline. Rouching accentuates the rear while creating whimsical flare through this dramatic dress.


Romance is created in this shimmering medieval dress through layers of various laces and embroidered net. It is made up of several multi-textured fusions of fabric and elaborate lace trim allowing drama and refinement to project gothic structure through the gown. The gown demonstrates movement and exhibits a deep opened back, with fabric gatherings to accentuate the rear.


Dress is an entirely hand-beaded and embellished masterpiece with a feminine peekaboo top. It showcases gothic architectural patterns through various shimmering design materials, a regal sparkly train, and glossy pearl accents all around necklines and back. The dress has beautiful and delicate cap sleeves to cover the shoulders.


This dress is a powder pink color which enhances a richly embroidered lace, and drapes over a body hugging mermaid silhouette. There are beaded side accents, and a vaporous train allows the layered tulle and organza to make a subtle statement which starts at the edge of a flattering triangular detail in the back.


Morgan is a sheer fitted vintage champagne lace colored gown with a sheer midriff and pockets. It has beautiful beaded and crystal details. The dress has long lace sleeves and is sexy yet elegant.


This is a gothic inspired dress, with a compelling harmony of delicate French laces, trims, silk tulle, beading, Vinyl threads, and clear crystals. It has a shear lace top which is draped over with silk tulle and is accentuated with crystals. A wide belt at the waist compliments the dress with a refreshing touch of metal, Vinyl and braided threads. The dress has high side split in the lace skirt, which is embraced by irregular cut silk tulle, and a hidden back embroidery detail with a train.


An exquisitely embroidered dress made in an original champagne shade and has a very shapely bodice top. The back is low and open sheer back which is attached to a dreamy wide silk tulle skirt. The superb embroidery which adorns this dress is all hand-made using rare colored glass beads and mother-of-pearl sequins.


This is a sensual and modern column dress, with shoulder accents and with open cleavage area. The front and back of the dress incorporate hand embroidery in various technics and layers. The embroidery shines through a profound background created by colors and texture. This use of deep coloration and diversion over the dress's surface is reinforced with a bold golden zipper place central on the back.