Mini dessert wedding ideas, or truly for any entertaining need, is quickly becoming our favorite topic at Strictly Weddings. Miniaturize anything and it instantly becomes extra appealing - mini cupcakes, mini doughnuts, mini pies and, of course, any form of mini cake. It's like a magic wand has shrunken down a flawlessly delicious dessert into the perfect serving size. And anything on a stick has pretty much taken the world by storm since the cake pop - now we are seeing pie pops and donut walls (okay these are on pegs, not sticks) trending this wedding season.

Mini Dessert

So today, we are serving up some of our favorite little treats for a tasty Pinterest board of eye-candy! Think about these delectable ideas for more than just your wedding day. Engagement parties, bridal showers or just a weekend soiree, these minis can add a touch of glam and yum. Also on trend are edible favors, since gone are the days of giving monogrammed items like matchbooks and wine stoppers. Favors have certainly taken a creative turn and can be personalized in other ways, from the custom packaging to the items themselves.

Wedding Ideas

Enjoy some of our favorites and remember these miniaturized temptations also help reduce the guilt associated with eating desserts. At least that's what we like to believe.

Mini Cakes

Credits (top down, left to right): Leyara Cakes | Glorious Treats | Leyara Cakes | Sweetere | Glorious Treats

Mini Pies and Pies On A Stick

Credits: Sweet Lauren Cakes | Adventuress

Cake Balls

Credits (top down, left to right): Leyara Cakes | Cotton and Crumbs | Yummilicious Cake Pops | MarketWeddingPlace

Mini Donuts

Credits (top down, left to right): Four Seasons | Mahalo's | Global Gourmet Catering


Credits: Chef Scott Green | Meghan Rosko


Credits (top down, left to right): Elizabeth's Cake Emporium | Leyara Cakes | Gigi's Cupcakes

Petite Fours

Credits (top down, left to right): Bluedoor Bakery | Nicholas Lambert | Flickr | Susucre

Mini Mousse and Cheescake Bites

Credits (top down, left to right): Nicholas Lambert | The Kitchen McCabe | BlendLove | The Lady


Credits (top down, left to right): The Pastry Studio (2) | Baked by Rachel | Guillaume Mabilleau

The Ultimate - Mini Banana Split

Credit: Bakers Royale