Wedding ideas born from the inspiration of an influential fashion icon graces our pages today through an exceptional styled shoot by Three Nails Photography. Words like decadent and lavish spring to mind when we hear of Marie Antoinette, a Queen who had one of the most significant impacts on couture fashion throughout Europe in the XVIII century. Even now, the most famous couturiers like John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld, continue to take inspiration from her baroque style. This fascinating woman is still being talked about thanks to her unique allure. Step back in time with this fabulous team who combined a bundle of jaw dropping Marie Antoinette inspiration, made from the ground up, with magnificent Vera Wang gowns that will make your heart flutter with sheer delight.

Influential Fashion Icon

Each morning Marie Antoinette saw her dressmaker, Rose Bertin, to choose what she would wear to keep the title of the most beautiful woman in France. Before Chanel and Dior, there was Rose Bertin, a commoner and humble dressmaker. Together they choose lightweight silks, brocade, satins, feathers, ribbons, gauze and pearls, creating the most sumptuous of dresses. Rose Bertin was described as the "Fashion Minister" by the Queen. Together they invented haute couture. Marie-Antoinette truly reigned when it came to fashion at court. She made an enormous sensation each time she appeared and Rose Bertin did not come cheap.

Wedding Ideas

These photos are from a Three Nails Workshop and the entire set was hand built from scratch. Pursuing Eden Rentals even built the boat and used fake grass to give the illusion that it was spring and not the actual 40 degrees it was. Hair and makeup artist Meka Bennett was on point with the model's hair in a high, but wear-able look for today.

Vintage Vibe

The petal soft rosy cheeks and lip was a perfect blend and demure for that fashionista looking to add a touch of vintage vibe. And with not one but three glorious Vera Wang gowns you are sure to deliver a show stopper. The blush gown is deliciously on trend floating in a cloud of tulle.

Upcoming Workshop

It's almost too pretty to handle with picturesque florals, marvelous styling and one mesmerizing image after another. Be sure to check out upcoming workshops this May and September!