When we heard that legendary wedding cake designer Elizabeth's Cake Emporium was publishing a new book, we knew we needed to get a sneak peek at the eye candy. There are plenty of great bakers, but award-winning Elizabeth Solaru takes the cake for us! Her new book, "Opulencia" is a stand out baking bible that showcases some of her most dazzling creations that we get to tease our readers with in this feature. In the last decade, Elizabeth has gained world-wide fame as the "Queen of Sugarcraft." When you see these sugary flowers and jewels adorning her delightfully decadent and lavish cakes, you'll ask yourself: How does she do it? The good news is, Elizabeth is sharing her sugar secrets in this inspirational book - along with advice for ingredient selection and invaluable tips on rescuing a spilt ganache or curdled buttercream.

Wedding Cake Designer: Ten Years at the Top

"Opulencia" is a tour-de-force of artisan baking, as well as an inspiration to aspiring cake-makers and seasoned professionals alike. To celebrate 10 years of making her exquisite cakes, Elizabeth wrote "Opulencia," to showcase cake designs that range from dreamy lace to decadent and lavish baroques. Enjoy the words, and try not to drool over the pictures! Her book can be purchased from Amazon here and readers are encouraged leave their positive reviews for the new book.

Baking Guru to the Royals

Elizabeth's Cake Emporium founded by Elizabeth Solaru is recognized as one of the best wedding cake companies in the UK. The company creates beautifully handcrafted cakes that are adorned with the most realistic edible jewellery, sugar flowers, lace, pearls and gems. Their creations have been featured in numerous national and international blogs and publications. Clients include British, European and Middle Eastern royalty, celebrities and high net worth individuals. Winner of the "Best Cake Designer" award, she is a star speaker, competition judge and host on "The Cake and Bake Show" and will be judging the Championnat de France de Cake Design, the French cake championships.

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