High fashion meets bridal wear with the design debut of Berta Fall 2016 wedding dresses this season. This new collection is a crescendo where maximalism collides with minimalism. Berta's Fall 2016 collection can be summarized as "more is more," contrasting with the minimalist motto "less is more" pushing the bridal boundaries farther than ever before. Holding true to the designer's renowned styles and uncompromising craftsmanship, the Berta Fall 2016 collection is composed of many different materials and beadwork with avant-garde techniques and textures for the maxmalism approach. Yet, embracing the minimalist side of fashion, this collection lays in the imagination of the bride who wants to make a statement by accentuating her physic.

Berta Fall 2016

This approach results in a collection that is unlike anything else. Berta's inspiration came from the materials themselves. Instead of searching for inspirations on the outside, Berta turned inward allowing the raw materials and depth of the exquisite laces, shiny stones and soft chiffons to stand out on their own. The modern, self-confidant and sophisticated bride will feel as if these creations were custom-made with her top of mind feeling like these gowns were stitched for her, alone. As in high-fashion, Berta harnessed innovation, trend-setting and exclusiveness into the design of her bridal gowns showcasing the ability to create styles that are independent in their uniqueness in order to stay a "cut" above the bridal industry.

Berta Fall 2016 wedding dresses are eye-candy for the next wave of betrothed, see for yourself! Browse more Berta designs, in our Lookbook too.