The new collection of Nurit Hen wedding dresses is going to make your heart flutter with desire. Whether its sleeves or no sleeves, sheaths or ball gowns, lace or beaded, Nurit Hen's new Royal Couture Collection of wedding dresses are beauties to behold and we can't get enough of the glamour. To add to our elation, we also have an exclusive interview with the Israeli designer for our readers. You know it's a labor of passion for Nurit Hen when she initially envisioned introducing 20-30 styles, but ended up designing 42 gowns! Each one unique and when we say something for every bride - we mean it. Her designs are an art creation, not only handmade but with precise measurements. Beautifully beaded and well-constructed so the when a bride walks down the aisle she is feeling beautiful, confident and comfortable.

Nurit Hen Wedding Dresses: Royal Couture Collection

Nurit Hen's new Royal Couture Collection is broken into three categories and were received at the New York bridal market with rave reviews including recognition from the New York Magazine's "The Cut" rating her designs in their Top 10 bridal looks. Within the collection there are three other mini-collections which we are sample featuring selections from each today. The White Palace Couture gowns exude opulence in elegant and regal fashion. Empire of Lace gowns boast sexy lace details with form fitting silhouettes. While Spirit of Love are more trendy, fun and have a bohemian vibe. So sit back, get ready to pin and be inspired by the loveliness!

Strictly Weddings Interview

SW: How did you know you wanted to be a designer?
Nurit Hen: I knew that being a fashion designer was my calling when I was a very young girl. I saw my older sister learning at a fashion school and knew that I must work in the industry as well.

SW: Why bridal gowns?
Nurit Hen: I specialize in bridal gowns because I believe that the real satisfaction is to be part of a bride's special day by making her dream dress perfect to walk down the aisle with her significant other.

SW: What is your personal style?
Nurit Hen: My personal style is super casual and very colorful! Every day I wear a different color that describes my mood.

SW: What do claim as your biggest achievement?
Nurit Hen: Each and every bride that I dress is a great achievement. But, I will never forget that one bride that was very insecure about her weight and didn't believe that she could look beautiful on her wedding day. I decided to design a customized dress that would flatter her body and it certainly did! I will never forget her big smile with she tried on her beautiful dress for the first time. Tears ran down her face and she said that for the first time in her life she felt beautiful.

SW: What trends are going to be popular this season?
Nurit Hen: The bridal trends are very different from country to country. Since we work with brides from all over the world, we make sure to offer all the different styles and incorporate trends from this angle - this is why Royal Couture Collection has 42 new designs each very different from one another.

SW: Where do you find your inspiration?
Nurit Hen: I find my inspiration from different views of art, culture and people that I meet every day. That is very inspiring to me.

SW: What is your work day like?
Nurit Hen: I work from the a.m. to the p.m. - even when I asleep I dream about my work. At this moment, I am already working on my 2017 collection.

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