As little girls, most of us dreamed of what our wedding would one day look like and one of the first questions you will probably get asked during the early stages of your planning process will be, "What are your colors?" Planning your wedding colors is one of the most fun parts about the process, but it can also be one of the most overwhelming. But if you begin to think of your wedding color palette as more of a guideline to planning your wedding rather than the rule, it will take some of the stress away. Not every part has to match perfectly. Design House Décor is certainly one of the authorities on wedding color schemes having produced thousands of breathtaking dream days with a keen eye for detail and ensuring that they never create the same design twice. Quite a feat if you ask us! So we turned to the owners of Design House to provide our readers with the best tips on planning your wedding colors. As designers, one of their core missions is to set the trend, rather than follow the trends.

Planning Your Wedding Colors

SW: What advice do you have for couple's when choosing their colors?

Design House Décor: Colors are always based on a couple's style preference, taste and vision. We think concentrating on the mood for a wedding is very important to start the planning process. Couples should always select a theme first. For example: glamorous, vintage, rustic, enchanted, royal, romantic, etc. Once the theme is confirmed, we can discuss color palettes based on their preference. We all have different taste when it comes to colors, it's just a balance of combining their colors with the overall theme.

Renaissance Bride Photographer: Nadia D Photography

SW: What is the most important thing to remember when blending several colors?

Design House Décor: It's always important to start with two dominant colors with an additional color as a hint in the color palette. Unless a theme is heavy on colors which can certainly work based on how the event is styled. We usually tell our brides to close their eyes and feel out the room and envision the theme and colors that they like.

Teal & Ice Photographer: Pandya Photography

SW: What are today's best neutral tones to consider?

Design House Décor: Nude, rose gold, cream with a tint of blush pink have always been popular when it comes to neutral tones. We love neutral colors as it always brings a romantic theme with a soft ambiance. Candles play a big role in bringing neutral tones together. Without candles neutral tones can be beautiful, but it will always need candle glow for the event to come together properly.

Candlelit Luxury Photography: Charmi Peña

SW: How should a couple go about choosing a theme for their décor?

Design House Décor: Theme depends on the ambiance the couple wants. We believe we all like different things and all have different tastes. Most brides have at least a general idea of the theme they like, or at least what colors or accent they prefer. If not, then we show them different pictures to get a feel for their taste and start developing a central theme to build a foundation on.

Photographer: Matei Horvath Photography

SW: What is the most common mistake made in regards to décor?

Design House Décor: We think there's always steps to decor and most couples try to do everything at once. It's important to confirm your basics which will be florals, stages and lighting. There are so many elements that go into producing an event which tend to fall apart if not planned correctly. Once the priority items are confirmed, then it's important to take a break from wedding planning so you can refresh your mind. This gives you a fresh outlook to add on additional items such as stationary, chargers, linens and other details. So many of the remaining items will complete the overall vision.

Colorful Bridal Shower Photographer: Jashim Jalal Studios

SW: What colors seem to be trending this season?

Design House Décor: As a custom event designer we believe there aren't dominant color trends. Every client prefers different colors. That being said, the neutral tones have been a bit more popular this season.

SW: What are your predictions for Fall/Winter color trends?

Design House Décor: We will definitely be seeing tons of amber and neutral tones with shades of green and plum. As fall colors are deeper and bolder we think using tons of greens with hues of softer tones will be the most popular.

Lush Decadence Photographer: Salwa Photography

About Design House Décor:

Since 2007, Design House has produced thousands of breathtaking weddings. Azizan Ali, the lead designer at the Design House, is a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail and never do the same design twice. Nauman Ali, the business and technical side of things, makes sure that Azizan's vision comes to life. In addition to the duo, the Design House Decor has an amazing team of florists and designers who live and breathe weddings just waiting to help you with your dream wedding. Design house has put an equal emphasis on jaw dropping stages for brides and grooms or whoever may represent the royalty for the night. With all the astonishing decor from the entrance to the ballroom, guest's hearts will always melt at the sight of a majestic stage worthy of a King and his Queen. A Design House production a sight to behold in person as still frame images cannot bring to life the aura and ambiance of these prodigious affairs.

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