Today's bride has many choices to make during the planning stages leading up to her wedding day and deciding on a wedding invitation design is certainly one of the more important and time consuming processes. Wedding invitations are a guest's first glimpse at what kind of affair a bride and her family intend to host on her big day. It's just one of the reasons we are bringing our readers top tips on selecting your wedding invitations with a Q&A session with Adorn Wedding Invitations. Wedding stationery is an art form and has evolved beyond simply providing event details to being full-fledged statement pieces that reflect the bride's personality and individuality. All key things Adorn Wedding Invitations is well versed with for assisting couple's today. They consistently produce gorgeous, one of a kind pieces that reflect their clients. It's our privilege to delve into Adorn Wedding Invitations' world and get a peek into the process of creating wedding stationery and what is trending this year!

Top Tips on Selecting Your Wedding Invitations

Q: What are you seeing today's brides looking for in planning their wedding for all things "paper?"

A: Modern brides are more discerning now than ever; the weight and texture of our paper is just as important as the design and visual aesthetics to them. However, the most important component of what brides are looking for in their invitations is something unique that represents their individuality, whilst also introducing the theme of their wedding to serve as a glimpse of the excitement and beauty that's expected on their big day. One of our recent couples came up with a unique idea to use their actual fingerprints as a creative device in their invites - as a statement to their personality, identity and making their own mark.

Q: What are the color palettes brides are using for Fall and Winter?

A: We personally find that throughout Winter and Fall our customers tend to prefer dark and rich colors, accompanied by contrasting tones to make their wording and artwork really catch their guests' eyes. Cobalt blue, maroon and deep purples are always popular base colors, combined with gold or black detailing. Warm earthy tones such as burgundy and dark greens are always winners throughout autumn for bold brides. Alternatively, we also have a large quantity of brides who opt for the complete opposite variety of colors. White, silver, pale blue and pastel greens are frequently chosen to portray a winter-wonderland-type theme. Lighter colors are always safe for brides who prefer a more classic and elegant style.

Q: What trends to you see happening for the upcoming season and year ahead?

A: Simplicity. Gone are the days of 'over the top' hard cover invitations with more bling than the royal family - brides are now opting for simple sophistication without too much glitz and glamour. This upcoming season we are focusing on the theme of yesteryear. Rustic, vintage and earthy themes are in, twine and rope are replacing fancy shiny ribbons, and printing methods from over 100 years ago are coming back in full-swing. Letterpress, for example - the art of stamping colour into soft, cotton paper to create a texturized imprint of beautiful patterns that arouse the sense of touch, is becoming hugely popular.

Q: How do brides today incorporate social media into their invitations?

A: Many of our brides have been incorporating social media into their invitations by included an Instagram hashtag for their guests to use if they post any photos from the day. Online RSVPs have been quite common recently too; with couples creating wedding websites with information such as accommodation options accessible through a link that's provided on their invitations.

Q: What are all the components a bride and groom should consider when it comes to paper for their big day?

When deciding on your color theme, ideally look at choosing a paper that comes in a color of your preferred choice, instead of having to print the color on the paper. You should have a basic idea of what print and special application you and your partner prefer, and choose a paper that's suitable for its application before placing an order. There are literally limitless amounts of papers with different textures, patterns and feel that will arouse the sense of touch; this is a vital part in tying the design together. The key again is matching the paper texture to the event. If you're having a rustic themed event, opt in for craft paper and earthy textures. But always refer back to print capabilities to ensure the printing techniques are compatible with the paper stock. Generally, your invitation printer should hand you over a paper swatch sample booklet so that you can choose your ideal match in paper texture. Increasing the thickness of the paper doesn't affect the price significantly- so don't oversee this component and always make sure the paper you choose comes in a suitable thickness option. Available finishes on the selected paper Finishes and special effects vary; embossing, de-bossing, hot stamp foiling, engraving, spot varnishing etc. However not all papers are suitable for all the effects, so always consult your print specialist when combining elements to make sure that the paper you've chosen is appropriate for the effect you like.

Q: What is the most popular invite and comprehensive look you offer brides?

A: Vanessa Williams' invitation was displayed in our showroom and it turned out to be hugely popular with our brides - so we decided to put through the production commercially, and make it available (and affordable) to our brides, including the matching stationery elements. We are able to offer fully personalized colour options, including the intricate laser cut gate paper entailing the couple's laser cut initials. Matching paper bands holding the enclosure cards together, whilst reflecting the couple's crest/emblem in stamp foiling, and inner lining of the envelopes featuring gold foil stamping that matches the pattern of the laser cut. Of course the layout, fonts and emblem are completely tailored and this set has proven to be hugely popular; with Vanessa's blessing her legacy is carried through, and now everyday brides can afford a celebrity style invitation!

Q: How do you tie a look together for a bride?

A: By unifying all of the design elements and making sure that the 'tone of voice' is consistently carried through all of the stationery items with one aim - to match the personality of the couple and reflect the theme of their special day. No detail is too much when it comes to preparing the stationery. As standard, Adorn Invitations has over 15 types of matching stationery, ranging from enclosure cards such as RSVP, wishing well cards etc. to on the day stationery - like palace cads, menus, church booklets etc. The paper stock, design elements and special embellishments are carried consistently throughout all of the details. But we don't just look at the stationery items; with Vanessa Williams, for example, we worked closely with her wedding planners so that we were abreast of all the on-the-day décor, flowers, and colours, materials used - so that we could draw upon all of the elements in our inspiration and design process.

Q: Any additional things you can offer about size, shape, color, material¦ keeping in mind that this is bride's first peek into her wedding for her guests.

A: Elements such as shapes, sizes, color, material and format are carefully considered and applied in our designs as they all carry significance. In one of our recent designs the manner in which the invitation opens and displays the wording on separate panels (with detachable RSVP component) is done in interesting and unique way. Utilizing paper as a form of art, the possibilities for getting creative are endless. An increasingly popular example is a pop-up type of invites, with beautiful colors contrasting the 3D shapes laser cut paper creates.

Q: Any additional advice?

A: One of the most commonly experienced issues with printing is color matching and color consistency. Without dwelling too deep into technical sphere of different types of printing, all with their pros and cons, this area is where most invitation printers fail on delivering accordingly to a couple's expectations. This is normally due to the lack of experience on the invitation seller's behalf; however, it is helpful for the bride to get familiar with printing capabilities so they know what they can expect. Color matching is not an exact science, and given the type of printing and paper types used, variations may be unpredictable. To counter this, Adorn has printed a sample color chart of the most popular wedding colors on a number of our most popular sample stocks to help manage expectations. You should look for similar proofing processes with your invitation supplier, and always request a printed proof as a minute difference in color is not acceptable. One more word of advice - always aim to print all of your invitations and associated stationery collateral at the same time -to ensure color consistency (unless your printer has a world-class printing facility, such as the one at Adorn Invitations, same color printer may vary from one print run to the next).

To see more of Adorn Wedding Invitation's work, you can browse their online catalogue on their official website! You can see the amount of work and planning that Adore Wedding Invitations puts into their craft with this video by Giant Invitations of Vanessa Williams' wedding invitation creation process.