Truth be told, we are suckers for wedding day getting ready moments of a bride. It may rank right up there with the initial shot of the groom seeing his princess for the first time. They can portray the bundle of nerves in the room, the heightened energy and the beautiful getting ready details it takes a bride to look and feel special for her one walk down the aisle. It's also when your bouquet is freshest and your squad is squealing in delight as they help you put on your jewelry and zip your dream dress. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Australian photographer, Imagery by Jasmina knows just how special this time is for a bride, after working in the model industry for over a decade she is now behind the camera drawing out the beauty. Working with JCRC Events on the styling and floral, Shindy Gill's talent for hair and make up, Ava Jaxon's accessories and of course, dresses from Vivid - this talented team shows us just how wedding day getting ready moments are done with the beautiful Sanyana Pethes, Tammy Smith and Sandy Zhou.

Getting Ready Moments

They may not be the pictures that hang in your living room, but as you look back through your wedding album these are the images that will conjure up the emotions that kicked off your fairytale day. These are the pictures that will take you through these getting ready moments as you relive your dream day - they can also be eloquently displayed in your private bedroom and bath you share to remind him of those sweet moments of anticipation too. The primping and pampering, right down to the final reveal with your bridal tribe. While spontaneity is key to capture the raw emotions of the day, there are some great shots that can be planned too. Top things to keep in mind - keep your numbers down, as far as people in the getting ready bridal suite and clean up all that clutter. A lot of valuable time can be wasted cleaning up before a photographer can even get started. Throw away trash, hang extra clothes in closets and hide suitcases under beds. Also top of the list includes having a little background music and a sense of humor to disarm any tension in the room. For us - we would say flowing champagne is a must.