Anyone who's heard of the bride who struggled with an overly complicated bustle knows that wedding gowns can be unwieldy at times. And leading the Electric Slide routine may get overly complicated with a massive bow or train combo. These are considerations taken with these effortless chic Mikaella Bridal wedding dresses and designs. Practicality, function - and yes, price point. It is why Mikaella Bridal is renowned for effortless chic beauty. Picking out the right wedding dress for you, your body shape, tastes and, honestly, budget - can be a challenging task. But, certainly a fun one at the same time. If you aren't the biggest fan of dropping a down deposit equal to that of a home, yet struggle with the idea of compromising your childhood vision of your fairytale dream, then Mikaella Bridal wedding dresses are a great choice. The Fall 2016 collection is flawlessly feminine, have just the right amount of bling and silhouettes that channel your inner princess. These effortlessly chic Mikaella Bridal wedding dresses will certainly make you look and feel special on your wedding day. As you should!

Effortlessly Chic Mikaella Bridal Wedding Dresses

We consider the Mikaella Bridal Fall 2016 collection to be one that embraces the modern minimalist trend with an emphasis on clean lines, different texture and sculptural beauty. One that makes you feel like you're wearing a $10,000 gown, when really our wedding dresses are at a price point that won't give you buyer's remorse while still cascading in layers of tulle and details that carry a touch a glam. These designs are a mix of achieving effortless beauty and not overly styled, accentuating a bride's truest beauty on her wedding day.

Many of the new details in the Mikaella Bridal Fall 2016 collection have a focus on creating layers, adding dimension to the gown designs. Your eyes aren't fooling you, this designer crafted some seriously sensual looks with semi-plunging necklines, keyholes and lace cutouts to make you swoon. The Fall 2016 collection gravitates toward soft details that create movement and fluidity. Tiered skirts are back in a big way, which were embraced with flowing layers of tulle, silk and organza creating a grand entrance and exit for brides-to-be as they walk down the aisle. While you will find a nice selection of strapless wedding gowns, they also gave them some competition with various necklines, halter tops and cap sleeves. The Mikaella Bridal Fall 2016 collection spearheaded new styles that classic, romantic, and modern brides alike will adore for an effortlessly beautiful day.