This is exactly how you jump start a weekend of beauty, lovelies. With a masterpiece of pure prettiness and a glimpse into a Garden of Eden inspired wedding theme. We are talking bridal paradise and an abundance of unadulterated lush blooms. Embellished with heaps of vibrant shades of purple and magenta flora, this garden wedding theme draws inspiration from English gardens and suburban elements that delivers some of the most exquisite floral design we have ever seen thanks to the remarkable talent of Red Floral Architecture. Photographer Teresa C delivers frame after frame elegance seen in both Rosa Clara's and Atelier Pronovias' wedding gowns that are impressively accentuated by Eleventh Heaven's romantic bridal accessories. No one knows make up quite like Flossy & Leigh who created the bride's flawless style - just look at those beyond beautiful lashes. If you were to take "the first love story" and place it in a modern English landscape, the result would be this lavishly fetch motif.

Garden of Eden Inspired Wedding Theme

English summers are unpredictable and although wind and showers would have confounded many, this team of professional and visionary vendors were undeterred and decided to go ahead and have a fun experience working together and exchanging ideas to put this theme together. Red Floral Architecture's founder, Mat Hepplestone, had an idea for using English country garden flowers on a massive scale. Did we say Massive? Mission achieved! With an impressive ten-foot iron gazebo in white and a floating frame for a cake swing, Mat and his team turned a suburban garden into a secret garden of Eden with an array of summer seasonal flowers. The impressive amount of greenery seen in the surrounding floral arrangements and in the cascade bouquets offer the wedding shoot a more natural and whimsical feel, while the brick backdrop creates a "flower in the city" feel. Suzanne Thorpe at The Frostery hit new heights of glory with her cake design, which was inspired by an old stone garden jardinière and was suspended on the most extravagant stand that spanned 12 feet of floral fantasy. We are still trying to catch our breath from this jaw-dropping scene.

Flawless Bridal Style

Boss Model Management supplied the model, Amy Gee, who had worked with the team before and rose to the challenge of portraying a bride wandering through a fanciful garden. The striking gowns were by Rosa Clara and Atelier Pronovias from Knutsford Wedding Gallery showcasing both designers exclusive 2017 collections. Taking the flawless bridal style to another level with multiple looks is Ann McKavney of Eleventh Heaven whose luxurious and exclusive jewelry are a work of art. Demure and decadent right down to the sunglasses any fashionista needs as their next must have accessory! And don't miss Marry Me Films time lapse of the whole day, capturing the essence of this collaboration for us to escape into the garden ourselves. We are certain this Garden of Eden inspired wedding theme is going give your Pinterest a dose of pretty!

Garden of Eden Creative Shoot - Behind the Scenes Film from Marry Me Films on Vimeo.