If you are drawn to all the goodness of boho glam and the rich juicy hues of autumn - you are going to want to wrap yourself up in this spectacular bohemian harvest fall wedding inspiration. With a dash of plush hues, wispy bridal attire and delicious turquoise avant-garde jewels this fall wedding inspiration highlights the best elements of the new boho "it" girl. One who is effortless in her style, laid back and yet entirely chic and timeless. It's an innate ode to all things organic thanks to photographer c.m. elle studios and ROQUE Events' vision at the Whetstone Wine Cellars.

A Perfect Setting to Fall in Love

This romantic compilation is so dynamic that even the models fell in love! That's right. While the initial aim was to inspire us readers with warm colors and elegant arrangements, the design and overall collaboration effort worked its wonders on the young couple. Their chemistry certainly was nurtured by their gorgeous surroundings. All the more reason to be enthralled with this fall wedding inspiration that has us chanting "viva la vie boheme!" Because of this incredible romance - we are sharing the male model's version of his "love at first sight" experience - see this special blog to the end, your heart will soar with this "better than Harlequin" love story.

Bohemian Harvest Fall Wedding Inspiration

One of the most beloved aspects of a bohemian harvest design is the natural, loose atmosphere created by the embrace of natural elements and eclectic visuals. This often involves intense colors among lush greenery for contrast, artistic jewelry pieces, and vintage dress design. These elements carry over into this styled shoot with an array of beautiful custom jewelry by Jill Zaleski and one delectable cake by Dolcetto Cakes. The bride's custom wedding gown by Betty's Girl Napa brings out her inner flower child with its exposed back, long, draping sleeves, and loose fit. Spicing up the scene are Drop it Modern's giant balloons for some fab photo ops and stylish invitation design by Eye Heart Pretty Things, and lest we not forget to mention the artful calligraphy chalk art from Miss Dee Designs - pure perfection in details.

From the Groom:

"I almost called the photographer the day of the shoot to inform her that I was far too sick to show up and pretend to be wed. Would this entail having to "kiss the Bride"? My nose was literally draining with no warning, we were supposed to be outside and it is supposedly ridiculously cold in the valley. It was January 11, I'm just getting out the door of my studio in San Francisco with an hour drive ahead of me, with a stop to buy a pair of suspenders. How have I not owned a pair before? The photographer, Christina Litle, contacts me whilst in the parking lot of a department store waiting for them to open their doors, semi- ­frantic in her inquiry of my whereabouts and if I'm still going to make it. I assure her I'll be there and warn her of my cold, she responds informing me everyone at location is sick and for me to get myself there as soon as possible!

I was so incredibly nervous walking up the stairs of the tasting room to where makeup and wardrobe was taking place. My heart was racing, the ceiling was encroaching on my head, I was sniffling, and swallowing back a scratchy cough. I was about to see my bride for the first time. Why was I so nervous? because I had to kiss a complete stranger? I recall an e ­mail correspondence with the Photographer prior to the contract asking if I could "fake an intimate relationship with a stranger" I chuckled at that and thought sure I can, I do it all the time (that's a joke). I stepped up the last step to be stepped, and on my advance, I peered through the banister supports to see my bride. My heart literally skipped a beat, I darted my eyes a little and held in the gasp. Her skin was warm in contrast to the cool ice of her eyes. I felt like I was in the wrong place, like I was incorrectly cast for a part alongside this princess. I felt like all she could see was the sick in me, the circles under my eyes.

We had all the dressing and undressing, makeup and hair talk, I was shlepped off to a chair in a hair studio to finally get a real haircut, clean up my face, and get dapper. Somehow they had to get me on her level¦ upon my return and then wardrobe, we were ready to test the chemistry. I felt as though I was shaking out of nervousness, or perhaps part the cold. The bride, Madeleine, seemed to be trying her best not to show how absolutely frigid she was. We goofed about and tried to break the ice. I immediately started holding her when we got outside, figuring we'd have to get into character soon anyway, what better way than to warm her with my closeness ­ ­ this was more like melting the ice. I found myself blowing hot air into the hair atop her head to heat her from top down. to my surprise she didn't shoo me away, It happened so naturally I didn't even realize I was doing it until someone brought it to my attention.

We were asked to kiss. I knew it was coming, I was worried we would flop it up, pick the same side to tilt to, one go for the tongue the other a peck. Quite the opposite, like a hat fits, we met each other's lips with perfect reciprocation, a radiating warm gradient of color washed over our mouths the minute we made contact. I found myself making a warm soft sound something like "mmm" during or after each kiss.

We had to change location and were to take two cars. I jumped in her jeep without hesitation and was sure take shotgun. We sat there with intense burning and crystals in her cup holders. She had the most radiant smile from ear to ear. She was much younger than I and it seemed only natural to get some background or establish a sense of where she was at in her life. Being that we were getting married, conversation naturally took that course. She was steadfast in her goal for that period in her life. To explore, have fun, and not worry about trying to find "the one" when she has so much life to still live. I commended her in these ideals as I too believe life is too short to not reap as many gifts as possible. I shed some light on my situation, director of an arts non ­profit organization and space in San Francisco and how that effected my ability to hold a relationship and how I was in a very selfish state of focusing on my career as an artist and my hand in the arts community. It was kind of funny how we arrived at these bridges already in spite of knowing each other a whopping four hours or so.

We kissed under confetti, we kissed at the end of the aisle, we kissed upside down on our backs, we kissed as she stood tiptoed on a stack of book,s we kissed after she stuffed cake in my face. We kissed quite a bit. I think we both started to enjoy the shots we were asked to kiss.

The day culminated and we both (well I hope it was both) seemed to find it kind of nerve- ­racking the thought of asking for the other's contact. I had wanted to play cool and super professional and just say something like "that was fun, take care¦" or "I want a divorce" "where's the honeymoon?" (which were along the lines of what I actually said) but then there was the other half of me, that had wanted to swing Madeleine around and pin her against the wall when she turned the corner to leave. I daydream something like a soap opera overly dramatic washed out scene with the ivy climbing up the stone walls, holding each other's face and kissing so passionately like the world had come to an end and we were the only survivors.

Nothing happened¦ It was like writer's block. I muttered something formulaic if that and we parted ways.

She kept on my mind. Just so warm her light was that cold day and I felt it even when we were apart. It came in the form of a smile on a blue day, remaining our wedding. When the photos were finished and Christina had published them, I was so proud to show off this beautiful being I was blessed to be with that day. I used social media routes to find this girl and try to spark up some sort of dialogue. A week later when I least expected it, she contacted me on her birthday saying her plans fell through, her friends had ditched her, and proceeded to ask if I would be so kind as to show her a good time in San Francisco that night. It was another frigid one, and she made it to the city later than anticipated. I had dropped all projects and plans for that evening and loosely planned a night excursion on the cliffs of the ocean. The long dark drive probably had her nervous as can be worried she hadn't informed anyone where she would be¦ and with who. She kept clicking her tongue on the roof of her mouth and giggling, it melted me and gave me "pterodactyls in my tummy" she just kept lighting me up, she had me so shy and nervous.

We probably hiked around for a couple hours sniffling again. the minute we were to our first destination I didn't waste a second, I just went for the first kiss, well the first non- ­staged kiss. And that was exactly her reaction ­ "wow, just going straight for it huh?" I blushed, I felt like an idiot, thought I was done for, but no, more to follow for, well, forever.

From then on we played it cool, she would drive the hour from her place to see me once, twice, three times a month - sometimes going on little hikes, having picnics, watching movies, kissing whenever we wanted. It's like the honeymoon stage for however long. We never tire of each other and always get so excited when the time comes to visit. We both have become a part of each other's families and day to day lives. I'm so curious to see where we will be in the coming years. As it turns out I found someone who reciprocates my love like no one ever before, who inspires me, who keeps me going, gives me a reason to smile every day, makes the color I already see everywhere even more vibrant and apparent. It is just so tantalizingly wonderful when life lust finds a way to fall into place. Who could have expected that? Is there a catch? Were we set up?"